How I manage to coped up the STRESS, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY that SteemIt brought on me in one DECISION. Dog Lovers will envy this too.

in depression •  2 years ago
Its been more than 2 weeks already since I join the SteemIt Community. And with that very short period of time, SteemIt changed me much and the way I lived today, ATM!

Before I go beyond SteemIt, I do some research first and Im proud to say I dont understand its full context. Thats why I end up posting my first post as queries.

My Conclusion: Some were concerned enough for the newcomer's doubts and are willing to accomodate them. I was'nt expecting to be rewarded with my posts as I considered them as questions and I find posting it would grabbed some answers from others.

And then I made some failed posts. I will admit it that its not that good or being a qualitative post as everyone wanted to have. As I go through, I was wondering what would be the best way to understand Steem. And with that idea, I posted this.

My Conclusion: Some were thoughtful enough for the idea. But, I still find it as a poor content and unrecognizable enough. And I left with the question "what was lacking with my content?".

After days of unpleasant works and a little bit of distress, I paused, rest, think and dig again for more infos about how to earn on steemit. Then, I noticed this area #introduceyourself. I was amazed by these users getting rewards and appreciation. I would be lying if I say I didnt feel envious that time. But, it only made me strong and alive again. "Finally, I will have my break. I can have my reputation and appreciation now." So I posted my first introduction post. And guess what, IT WAS A TOTAL FAILURE.

My Conclusion: I should have studied it first. All I know is if posted my picture as a verification then people will trust me. That was a dumbass move.

What could you expect from a newbie and shy steemer? Afraid of getting bullied by some brainy, tech maniac and egocentric people? Sorry if you feel offende. IT WAS AN ORIGINAL POST THOUGH.
And later, days passed by and distress are even becoming a huge disease on me when some of my original posts were taken for granted.

I even help in Advertising SteemIt.

It came to a point where I was thinking that SteemIt is a pure Monopoly as my conclusion. But of the other hand, I was thinking "I should never give up! This is to prove that I can explore on something new to me." Im talking about to be a WRITER.

That is why Im planning on posting my Formal Introduction on August 5 UTC+8. BUT!, Here's what I saw this day.

So as my conclusion, I know both of you are pointing two different propositions. But to tell that @cheetah 's idea was not good at all, I am now misguided whether where I should put myself in SteemIt.

Here's my ready to post verification picture for my Formal Introduction on August 5. Lend me your thoughts whether I'll continue writing my Formal Introduction or I'll just leave it here?

for further verification:

This post is not meant for #introduceyourself but Im desperate, I want to be heard!..

To be honest, I was deeply sadden thinking that my start up journey in SteemIt gave me so much burden, anxiety and depression. BUT I will let myself be down as long as I stay here in SteemIt and Im not buying an option to quit. So, I will end this post with a Good and Positive vibes for all. And to those who acknowledge me and my works.

@dragonslayer109 for appreciating my works.
@gavvet for featuring me on one of your post.
@fyrstikken for creating Roger and Snorre. I really consider myself as a character there.

And for the Final Ingredient! Dog Lovers, eyes here! Meet my first dog, a two month old japanese poodle puppy named Dukey!

Bought this first dog of mine because of @kencode who gave me a task and paid me.

Say Hi to Dukey! I LIKE HIM SO MUCH!

To add more Happiness! Watch his first munch on milk. He is so CUTE.

so that is how I manage to fight stress! Steeming continues.

#depression #fight #doglovers #steemON

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Hang in there! I think Steemit is helping me in my depression as well. It has revitalized my creativity!