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Among huge population of the world some people introduced them differently. They have got something extra that's why we called them Extraordinary. They are natural talent. Talent can’t be bought by anyone. It is a matter of prove. The most important fact is that, how much respect talent is receiving properly. Then, there is no answer for this question. The most important answer should be, is there any option? Yes, DENCH MUSIC is here to show that option to make talent on the top sector of the music world.

Dench Music is here to make the singing talents top in position. First ever music company which is trying to make a future of the singer about the decentralized music system that none thought ever. Let’s be introduced with the brand new company :



Dench Music is a blockchain based music industry that will help the singers spread in the world. From here to there, Dench music is trying to make their songs at top in position and the song writers, composers, song producers and the song directors. All of parts related to the music is ready to be contributed by the Dench Music. Our vision is to permit everyone to contribute in the conception of songs by their preferred A-list artist who are teamed up with developing new faculty. It offers a full group of music production and music circulation services for the internal and global markets.


In short intro, Dench Music is a talent detective and administration company that employees and matures new talent.


  1. Stock the Songs;
  2. Revenue Allocation;
  3. Permitted MIC Tokens.

● Stock the Songs :

With our ICO, the overall public wil be able to deposit the manufacture of songs and music videos by their preferred artists. The ICO will supply around 40-50 songs when the Hard Cap is grasped. Our Soft Cap will cover the outlays of the first song and music video.

● Revenue Allocation:

Dench Music's ICO is advanced and fully officially biddable. Stockholders will accept earnings of up to a 30% profit concluded an Investment Agreement. Profit sharing will be scattered quarterly over a period of 6 years.

● Permitted MIC Tokens :

Members also obtain free "MIC" tokens that can be swapped on our Blockchain focused Dench Music Retail Platform for welfares and chances offered completely to token containers.

MIC Token distribution periods:

● Whitelist Bonus :

  1. Whitelist round : +25 %

● Main Bonus :

  1. Crowd Round Phase 1 : +10 %

  2. Crowd Round Phase 2 : +5 %

  3. Crowd Round Phase 3 : +3 %

  4. Crowd Round Phase 4 : 0 %



ICO Timeline.png

Q1 2017

Reproducing endowment with CTM / IMAGEM Group formal formation Dench Music BV.

Q2 2017

Abilities in Laren collaboration with Aces Music Amsterdam.

Q3 2017

ICO chief notion conclusions whitepaper.

Q1 2018

Consultations with A-list artist Chris Brown start of the ICO process.

Q3 2018

Expansion/groundwork announcement with Chris Brown.

Q4 2018

Songs announcements first revenue allocation.



MIC tokens are ERC20 tokens which you will accept for allowable with your profit sharing. For every 1 ETH invested into Dench Music you will gain 2500 MIC tokens (as the base measure), plus the applicable bonuses. Tokens will be handy 15 days after the end of the ICO or 15 days after the Hard Cap is reached.


● 85% of all tokens will be billed directly to the depositors;

● our goal is to elevation as much money as imaginable for the song and video creation;

● 5% will be assigned for rewards and bootees;

● 10% to the Dench Music team.

Team 1.png
Team 2.png
Team 3.png
Team 4.png
Team 5.png
Team 6.png

Adv 1.png
Adv 2.png


In order to prove that, worldwide, music is a great attitude to all of us. But the service that Dench Music is providing, that’s way, music will reach in a top level in business and the world will need more of them and the world is getting more than that. Here, Hench is solving the problem and the way is being succeed because of the big hearted production that the company provides.

Here, Mr.Adum Curry, the honorable chairman of the company, has planned a big. I wish and it is sure that, very soon, his plan will reach at the top of the sector of the world. The system is very trustable, safe and secured to invest. So, if you want to make your songs reaching at the top stages online businesses then, no confusion, invest in Dench Music. It will obviously return the best feedback.
Also, the managing supporters and the whole team is a great activity workers in the company. Very soon, it will be the number 1 music company exceptional than any other music company n the world.

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