Computer Demoscene : during the 80's/90's

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Dear Steem'ers,

I'm going to be short, quick n dirty.

I miss the romantic feeling that the demoscene gave me during the 80's and the 90's.

Back then:



Nice post.

I remember the "god old" days. Started with a ZX Spectrum, went to C64 and then Amiga.

C64 and Amiga demos was the shit. "Have you seen this, or heard that? One year the Amiga would have a demo. A year or two after the ppl making demos for C64 would manage to do the "impossible" and reproduce same demo. Great fun to see how it was possible to make the machine do more that is was "able" to.

It was a battle and the different programmers reputation was at stake.

Same things with game graphix "How can it be better than this", we used to say. I Guess we know now :-)

Thank you @idigit !! Back then, low level programming was common practice, to squeeze as much as possible from the hardware available! The coders, gfx and music/sound artists were much more creative when compared to those we have nowadays, in my humble opinion! The advent of mainstream "interwebz" changed the whole paradigm of the demoscene! BBS (bulletin board systems) were a hell lotta fun! Even the whole hacking/phreacking scene was so much more romanticized! Oh the memories .... <3

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