My Election format for a Democratic organizational unit

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Suppose there are 50 members in a club. 10 members are required for an executive committee. All members name is listed in a sheet of paper. 50 people got 50 sheets. Now everybody will select 10 people from his sheet. All members are at the same time voter and candidate. A person can even vote himself. Now the top 10 vote holders will be elected as executive committee members. If in rare case 2 persons vote become same, then other committee members will vote to decide ranking.

What will be the duty of each position/post should be clearly written down in the constitution. So people will vote considering a member’s ability at least for one post. Elected people will be able to interchange their duty if majority members are not against it. If any of 10 people resigns or becomes not interested to stay in the committee then number 11 will be included in the committee. This format can be applied for a big organization also. Suppose 5000 people of an organization will select 1000 people, 1000 will select 200 and so on.

A committee member can be removed from his duty if 75% of the committee members or majority voters support his removal. Nice thing is nobody compete against none, nobody can declare another person unfit to be elected, a junior or new person need not declare that he is a candidate for a big post, if a person wants to be elected but feel shy to declare his candidature, he can also be elected, voting could be possible using electronic media, when doing duty for a post nobody can select another person to do duty in absence of him, so partiality not possible. Nobody is nominated, so there is no slave.

About publicity: A person can do publicity to introduce himself for election. A person can tell about his education, moral characteristics, earlier contribution for this or another organization but he cannot seek vote or show interest for a specific post.

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