The Japanese Word for "Democracy" is Very Interesting

in #democracy4 years ago (edited)

Japanese "democracy".jpeg

In Japanese the term for democracy, “minshu,” literally translates to “people-lord,” as in “the people are the lord”:

民 - “min” - people, nation, subjects
主 - “shu” - ruler, lord

民主 - “minshu” - democracy

“The people are the lord.” Hmmm. This would be awesome if it were changed to the Japanese word 自主 (“jishu”), or “self lord,” i.e. independence, autonomy, self-reliance.

When collectivism—“the people”—is baked right into the language of what is “desirable” (A FREE AND FAIR ”DEMOCRACY” slobber) we are all in trouble 😉

Anyway. Super interesting stuff!



It is strange how regardless of the language in question, we are taught to revere democracy as virtue. Further, self-rule at the individual level is a bogeyman.

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Let's not forget that when freedom and fairness is given to the "groups" instead of the "individual", justice and responsibility is also falls on the backs of the group. The virtuous may pay for the sins of their tribe and the sinful may reap the benefits just by associating with the virtuous.

This leads to severely messed up incentives. Why be good instead of just associating with the good. Why bear responsibility when it can be socialized?

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