Our aging election infrastructure

in #democracy3 years ago

I'm helping to organize our local March for Science (in fact later this week I'm going to launch a Steemit fundraising page for that nonpartisan event).  Yesterday's post about voter turnout in young adults got me to thinking.  If campus turnout is so low, and that's where the biggest gains are to be made, why are we hosting our event downtown, at 10am?  That's not good demographic targeting.  So I'm going to start reaching out to the colleges about hosting their own student-driven afternoon events.  We can pass along information resources, but they'll be in charge.  That's important, because they get really sick of being told what to do by old people like me.

[image link to The Atlantic]

The problem of recruiting young voters reminded me of another, related problem.  There's also a real need for younger poll workers, and we need to get that message out to the campuses as well.  I did it for a couple of weeks in 2016.  Those posts are below.  It was an interesting and exhausting experience in community service, one I think everyone should do at least once.