Deliveroo Cyclist Pay: I Made £200 FROM HOME

in deliveroo •  9 months ago

On top of my Deliveroo pay-per-drop wages, I made an additional £200 from home over the last 2 weeks as a Deliveroo cyclist.

I did this by using the Deliveroo referral program. For every new Deliveroo rider that you refer, Deliveroo pays you a bonus.

►Free £50 when you start riding for Deliveroo HERE:

I made a video talking about working for Deliveroo 2 months ago. Since then, 2,000 people have watched it. If anyone clicks on my referral link on that video and starts working at Deliveroo, then I get my bonus payment without having to do a single delivery!

This reward scheme is a form of affiliate marketing. I talk about affiliate marketing all the time on this channel and clearly love it. I think everyone should be looking into affiliate marketing as an additional revenue source.

Good luck everyone!


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