• ͈ꇴ͈ Homemade jellycat penguin 🐧 Crayfish covered rice ➕ Vitamin C water

in #delicacylast month

There is a lot of leftover crayfish takeout at noon
Bring it for dinner and make some explosive changes 👉 Spicy Penguin and Lobster Rice Cover 🌶️🐧
Hehe~The fifth penguin meal made!
This time, I made a headband for the goose in the shape of braised sea bream
Cute to the point of committing a foul!
At first glance, it really looks like throwing a stuffed toy into a crayfish!!
🥤 Beverage: Alien Vitamin C water
I eat takeout with nutritious food, ahaha~
I drank it before 🍋 I think the Sicilian lemon flavor is very good
I tried it today 🍒 Cherry cranberry flavor~
The cranberry flavor is more intense, and the acidity, sweetness, and sweetness are just right
Eating too much oily and spicy crayfish without fruits and vegetables, take a sip of chilled vitamin C water, it's very spicy and greasy! It can also supplement 100% of the daily vitamin C needed by the body, balance nutrition, and enhance protection. It is too suitable for long-term takeout workers who eat crispy food, and it is low in sugar and calories without any burden! Naisi! It won't be as easy to drink as sparkling water, you can eat more delicious food!
🐧 Tips: When making the penguin Rice and vegetable roll fresh-keeping film, tighten it and shape it again, or the rice will break up easily. And if you touch your hands with water and then tear off the cling film, the rice won't stick to your hands easily
The production process is long, so it's better to choose a plate that can be put into the microwave oven - convenient Rice and vegetable roll for heating

✨ The tutorial is attached on the picture
Give it a try or @ make your meal pairing for you
hope 👭 We can all make cute geese!!



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