Operation #Delete Facebook and join Steemit

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I am in support of #delete facebook and join Steemit campaign. Facebook does not add value to people's life neither does it reward people's effort. It has become a platform for scam and other fraudulent activities. 21st century needs steemit not Facebook. Steemit rewards content and kicks against plagiarism.
I joined steemit early February this year, and the knowledge and rewards I've gained from this phenomenal platform cannot be explained in a sentence.

I love Steemit
I am a proud blogger
Goodbye Facebook unnamed.jpg

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Operation #Delete Facebook and join Steemit

I'm with you all the way!

Oh yes! With this campaigne we will sure move all our facebook friends to steemit.

This is very good work.

Delete facebook
Join steemit


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Am proud to be on steemit steemit all the way #delete facebook. Thanks for the good work