Why do you want all your posts to be trusted by us and we get a lot of information from them

You are a very good person, please do not leave the Steemit, it is a good platform

I gotta leave for me. I'm worried this place will keep going downhill! They leave nothing for me here. No rewards, black lists on my reputation, only risk. Why should I stay when I can buy bitcoin or other alt coins that have no coin swap risk? They need to pay me to get me to stay, but instead they took away my rewards again to top it all off?? nope i'm over it!!

They are trying to help me out by showing me the exit first, I get the hint, and i'm thankful!! Good Luck, STEEM ON!!

I respect your answer you are right

Bro!! What happened to you?? Why you delete everything?

Cause i am on the smart steem black list, i wan't nothing do with steemit any more!! u can simply see the red (1) by my name, it pissed me off enough top quit!!

Dang! Bro that sucks 😫 Those assholes put you on a time out out hey. That's so gay!

Yeah i was into it before, but that blacklist reminder notification was the final straw!! Every time i look at my page, all I see is the red mark against me! So I can't stand it! Oh well, too bad!! CYA!!

I read earlier that they removed the red mark .. Probably it appeared again due to the update .. I also had such a story, I had to change my account.

Hey, at least is back up!! That's good newest least!
Know steemit is a bunch of thugs for messing with us users for so long. Thanks!

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