I really hate to do this two weeks in a row, but payouts delayed -> doing powerdown so this wont keep happening.

in #delegationslast year

Powering down 700 SP to pay for some Delegations... Our curation rewards have esentually dropped from 90 SP per week to about 40 sp a week overnight so theres that... In addition Im out of money elsewhere so Im pretty much on fumes. Trying to come up with some money somewhere to buy steem,, otherwise I will have to wait until the powerdown is triggered.

I will make it right for everyone dont worry im not here to scam I just trying to make it work here.


Hey @steemegg. What caused the dramatic drop in SP overnight?

I dont know it is related to the Chain Dynamics. I dont know exactly however We had been sitting around 90 - 100 sp per week curration for months and randomly it started cycling down... Usually the votes that we give out -> replace the votes that payout -> in terms of our curration staying even.

However I think the ones going in are paying alot less then the ones that are comming in. ->

I will be working to resolve this soon enough, but until then the powering down will give me enough to Definetly have the money every week

Is this why I didn't get my weekly payout?

Heres a free vote on behalf of @se-witness.

Hi my friend! You still owe me paid votes, will you give them?

Hello, I need a refund if the service is not happening. I sent 1 Steem 4 days ago.

can you refund my remaining automatic upvotes for now?

Hello, I need a refund if the service is not happening. I sent 1 Steem 4 days ago again.

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