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Yes, there is a trail there for those who don’t manually curate.. and there are over 500 curators and many channels of curation for those that do .. choices are key there.

Discord is a chat app, as there is no way currently to do these things on a the Steem chain, when there is we will. As I agree we should rely on a third party app... but alas, it is what it is for now 🤷‍♀️

Curation in the volume we do would not be doable on a “comment in a post”, it just wouldn’t. We use the chain by resteeming the posts, making curation compilations, commenting on the posts and oh yes - rewarding people for engaging on the authors posts as we believe engagement is good for the chain too.

Thanks for the interest, going to get back to curating now...

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, the developers of Steem are too busy doing what they do instead of working on making Steem a REAL social media platform. In the meantime, we ARE holding a chat conversation right here, and if someone started posting some categories on this chat page, we COULD actually respond to various categories. As you said, where there is a will, there is a way. We don't always need high technology to do everything for us. Unfortunately, people are drawn to high tech. and miss what is available to them because it is low tech.

Steem is a blockchain, with many things built on top of it.. including some social media platforms.

If you feel that curation can be done on “chat” in comments that’s fair, theycallmedan does something similar where he asks for people to bring posts and he votes them.. many in the past have done the same and I’ve helped with some. Feel free to start one, I would love to support it.

For the large volume and multiple languages trying to be covered, to try to help the best way we can, that’s just not doable for c-squared at this time.

In the future it might be, and I look forward to that.

Feel free to start one, I would love to support it.

Seriously? I already do somewhat similar in that I vote on all contributions to my weekly promotions page. People can promote what they feel is worthy and I up-vote all contributions. I would love some support for that if you are so inclined. I use the #happystream tag for the promotions pages.