First Round Delegation Application Renewal

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100 SBD Paid
Transaction ID: Tx [email protected]
Image: Delegation renewal Application Orcle-D Tx Q3 2019.png

Project Information

  1. Company name: Old name: @Oracle-D / New Name: @YooDoo

  2. Place of Incorporation: London, UK

  3. Token name: Ninja (NINJA), Invite (INV), Oracle-D, Speak (SPK)

  4. Token Type: Steem Engine + SMT

  5. Project Type: For Profit + Steem Infrastructure (account creation)

Existing Delegation Received

  1. When did you get the delegation? Sept 2018

  2. Under what terms did you receive the delegation?
    To build applications and bring in investment into the Steem blockchain

  3. What was the intended purpose for the delegation?
    To build applications and bring in external investment into the Steem blockchain from clients wishing to invest and delegate Steem Power in exchange for services

  4. How have you applied your delegation for that purpose?
    Yes, We have build 3 MVP's and have 2 major clients who have invested significantly into steem (480K SP + 146K SP), with a third client (KMG Capital Markets Hedge fund) about to purchase 337K SP to fund their D-Core project

  5. How long are you requesting the continuation with the delegation?
    12 Months


Allows clients to delegate stake for use in exchange for services, without risking the ownership of their assets. So far, 480K SP ($182K) and 146K SP ($175K), future client purchase is 337K SP ($54K at current Steem prices) –Also our projects work to provide a clear return on the Steemit Inc. delegation (ROD) at the same time, We have returned 63% of a top tier delegation. Markets include gig economy, Video On Demand and blockchain technology analysis and blockchain infrastructure

Core Team Details

Matt Starkey @starkerz
A chartered mechanical engineer and project manager, he has lived and worked all over the world managing large scale multibillion dollar industrial projects for over 10 years. Matt became a blockchain and crypto currency investor and enthusiast in April 2013. Having made successful investments in blockchain and the crypto currency markets. He has applied blockchain technology to Co-create the world's first decentralized promotional network, Promo-steem as well as the Oracle-D platform, Andre Gray Football Academy, DCO-RE digital asset review platform and 3Speak video platform.

Dylan Leighton @anarcotech:
A polymath, inventor and radical speaker on a range of futurist issues, having spent many years in the field of both technology and psychology and philosophy. His general interest is in posing questions relating to the rapid acceleration and escalation of technology.

He has spoken all around the globe on issues relating to how emerging technological advances raise questions about how emerging technologies are fundamentally disrupting not only commerce and communication, but also the very nature of how societies organise themselves, and about how these issues are impacting on our psychology and the philosophical questions they raise for individuals, nations and the planet as a whole.

Nico Wehmoen @wehmoen:
wehmoen aka Nico is a self taught developer who joined steem in late 2017. Since then he has been involved in many large and small projects like Steem.Ninja, and 3Speak. When he is not developing something for Steem he usually either enjoys some nice food, watches a movie or meets friends.

Passion: Technology & Entrepreneurialism. Dan’s online presence began as an accomplished professional poker player. Then came the world of Cryptocurrency…

Early in his crypto journey he learned of the world’s first fantasy sports cryptocurrency, NoLimitCoin (NLC2). Given Dan’s background and business network in the betting community, he was quickly hired as the head of business development for NLC2. Through individual excellence and creating a focused team of experts, NLC2 prospered to new heights.

bait002 is a tech-lover, a developer, content creator and undergraduate of economics. He, through an unending drive for the liberation of the ordinary man worked on himself to develop the skillset to actively contribute to the improvement and publicity of the disruptive blockchain technology. He joined STEEM late in 2017 and since then has been a part of some amazing communities/projects such as @steemexchanger (, @stach and @promo-steem (as a STEEM ambassador). He is either singing, sewing or writing great speeches when he is not working on the blockchain.

Prashant Bhalla @hungryhustle:
Digital Marketing Freelancer and Content Expert, and a full time content creator on the Steem Blockchain. Prashant is highly adept at creating new ways to develop first class content using various forms of media and strategizing its distribution on the Internet. Key strength includes analysing complex information and converting it into easy-to-understand form for the masses. He has been the part of Oracle-D team since the day one managing content (blogs and graphics) and various tasks across Steem and other social media assets

Curating on the Steem blockchain for almost 2 years and is a highly respected member of the Oracle-D community.

A young professional with 6 years of development experience. Currently studying computer science at University. Began developing on steem two years ago as a hobbyist thanks to utopian-io, created a late upvote detection bot, as well as a bot that detects good actors with low SP who might be worthy of delegations to help with RC.

Previously contracted in various development roles and for several years has been working in sales, gaining additional experience while also raising funds for university. Raised more than £20k for the likes of Barnardos, British heart, Marie Curie, and the RSPCA.

Minimum Viable Products
3Speak is an anti censorship, high performance video streaming platform, built on the steem blockchain. After its first 3 months of operation it has reached over 100K views per month and is a quickly growing platform for citizen journalists and the deplatformed. it has bought many content creators back to post on steem after they had left other similar services and is now developing towards becoming a DAO and bringing ad revenue into the steem blockchain in order to become sustainable
A football academy where young footballers can receive coaching and join teams in order to compete to be top of the leader boards and receive honors such as player of the month, team of the month and coach of the month. We are affiliated with the premiership footballer Andre Gray who plays for Watford and has social media followings in the hundreds of thousands. we are working on version 2.0 and plan to release in December this year. we will then begin working with Andre gray to begin promoting the platform to his social media followers (Soon to be renamed YooDoo)
The Oracle-D platform is a task setting platform. it has leveraged the talents of the steem community to provided content to multiple large crypto and blockchain projects. We are now developing version 1.8 of this platform in order to make it scalable. Release is due in December 2019

We have worked with our partners KMG Capital Markets to create the Decentralised Comprehensive Objective Research Engine. The beauty of D-CORE is its ability to leverage the vast well of expertise and enthusiasm within the blockchain community. In return, we can help direct significant investment towards projects that will have real social impact.
We have just finished internal testing of the Beta release which is due in September - October 2019. We will be looking to bring on dozens of capable crypto asset reviewers, ( &
an instant onbaording service for steem accounts. you can pay with fiat, crypto or delegate to mine Invite (INV) tokens to invite friends instantly and cheaply to steem. We are currently working to open source this project in order to allow for anyone with claimed accounts to easily tokenise and sell their accounts to the highest bidder - scheduled release is October 2019.

Business Strategy

  • Fiat Revenue Strategy

    3 Speak
    revenue generated from: donations commissions, ad rights purchases, ad rights mining, subscription fees, live stream donations, use of platform payments

    revenue to be generated from national level football funding sponsorship organisations, coaching subscription fees, team joining fees and football scout contracts for the top players

    Oracle-D task platform (soon to be YooDoo)
    revenue generated by client payments in exchange for content creation services + client delegations in exchange for content creation services + white label versions of the platform for other publishers wanting easy access to the steem blockchain task setting mechanism for their own writers and clients

    each month the hedge fund will purchase steem in order to reward the reviewers based on investment asset performance.
    Revenue generated from a small cut taken from each steem account purchase in fiat, crypto and from curation rewards via delegations to in exchange for mined INV account creation tokens

    Note: All platforms will burn an amount of steem in order to lock value into the chain. 3speak is already burning 3% of all post rewards posted through the platform

  • Fiat Revenue Projections in $/user every month: 9

  • How will your business strategy increase the amount of STEEM being powered up and/or burnt?
    Any client that wants to access our platforms for services such as ads on threespeak, sponsorships on AGFAcademy, content creation on our task platform or payments to asset reviewers on Dcore will all have to purchase and power up steem in order to be able to obtain access. All of our platforms will burn a certain % of our profits. has already started to burn 3% of all post rewards on the platform

  • What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc.
    0.2% of all of our tokens per month of delegation or 4.8% of all tokens based on a 24 month delegation.

  • Are you or how will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed?
    The delegation is only to allow us to build our communities and content creator pool. While this is ongoing, once our platforms are completed (between Sept and December 2019) we will be able to sell our revenue generating products to potential clients. We anticipate that by Sept 2020, we will have enough revenue income to replace the delegation support that we currently are privileged to have. additionally, once our hedge fund partner has completed their steem purchase, we will have a total delegation from clients of 963K SP. This will provide almost a complete ROD on our delegation from Steemit Inc. we anticipate that our projects will have a total delegation from external clients of 2M SP by Sept 2020.

KPI Progress Measurement

KPI1 description: Unique users of 3speak platform
KPI1 target: 20K Monthly users on 3Speak by Dec 2019.

KPI2 description: Open source Steem Ninja by November 2019
KPI2 target: October 2019

KPI3 description: Release Beta phase of AGFAcademy and the YooDoo task platform by December 2019.
KPI3 target: December 2019

Token Offering (If Applicable)

  • Token Launch date:

  • Total Token Supply at launch:
    TBD - tokenomics still being investigated by team

  • Fundraising target (in order to fund expansion into the operational / project growth phase / mass market adoption):
    Target is above 1M USD but less than 10M usd at release

  • Yearly inflation:

  • Percentage of total token supply that will be airdropped to ALL Steem stakeholders (a/k/a SP holders) in proportion to their SP:
    TBD however we guarantee that once token economics is finalised, we will free airdrop a portion of our tokens to the steem community based on stake.

  • How many tokens and what percentage of your token supply will you offer Steemit Inc. / the Steem Community in exchange for the delegation?
    0.2% of all of our tokens per month of delegation or 4.8% of all tokens based on a 24 month delegation.

  • Do you plan to launch an IEO, ICO, STO or other public token offering?

3 Speak - Utility token - Initial Exchange Offering - Depending on tokenomics, this may be offered as a security token - however this is not yet decided. There will also be a private seed round for this token

AGFA - Utility token - Likely Air drop - There will also be a private seed round for this token offered to national level football sponsors

Oracle-D task platform (soon to be YooDoo) - Utility token - Likely IEO or Airdrop - There will also be a private seed round for this token

DCO-RE - Security token offering - There will also be a private seed round for this token account creation tokens "Invite Tokens" (INV) - Utility token

  • Do you plan to raise money from other investors?
    Yes for 3 Speak, AGFA, YooDoo Tasks and DCO-RE

  • What is the vesting period for the following:
    a) Team members: at least 2 years
    b) Early / seed round investors: At least 12 months
    c) ICO investors: tradeable immediately after ICO completed - possibly during ICO for 3speak, due to potential long term raise process

  • What is the % token distribution to:
    a) Team: TBD - Max 15%
    b) Marketing: TBD - Min 15% - Max 40%

  1. If you haven't tokenized, but still provide a service, please describe the service and the amount of that service that you're offering to perform for Steemit and/or the Steem community in exchange for the delegation.
    We provide consultation services to Steemit Inc, free of charge as well as providing input to issues about app development and steem blockchain integration with apps. We are a key member in the set up of the Steem Business Alliance @steemba. We plan to run a full Steem node by October 2019 and already run a Steem witness @YooDoo

Delegation Request

  1. How much of a delegation are you requesting?
    Top-Tier - 1M

  2. Specify the desired time frame for the delegation
    12 Months

  3. How will the delegation will be used to add direct value to Steem:
    We can demonstrate with examples that it has already been and will continue to be used for the following:

  • to create new accounts.
  • to give new accounts 15 SP to give them the resources needed to use Steem and purchase goods and/or services through our platform.
  • to incentivize the creation of content that promotes Steem / your project on external platforms.
  • to provide limited trial or discount services to clients to encourage them to hold Steem and delegate in the future.
  • to bring back large creators to Steem blockchain who stopped posting previously
  • to incentivise large creators with significant following on YouTube to post to steem
  • to reward their followers for posting comments on steem


We agree that our business will continue to leverage the Steem blockchain as long as we are receiving a delegation and 1 year following the removal of the delegation. During this time we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that delivers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. to this effect.

Renewal Questions: Impact to Date Since the Start of Delegations

Table 1 (Totals)

QuarterQ2 2018Q3 2018Q4 2018Q1 2019Q2 2019July 2019August 2019
(1) # Users onboarded012401,2591,551661371_
(2a) Users (Steem)0114508001,0001,270
(2b) Users (non steem)____150500750
(3) Impressions3,0003,5004,0005,000250,000750,000916,000
Average Steem Price (USD)_1.20.550.380.370.250.17_
(4) Value disbursed from delegation (USD)0046,20031,92031,0807,0004,760
(5) External Revenue (USD)________
(6) Steem Powered Up (Project Accounts)15,00015,00045,21054,47065,62679,06795,262
(7a) Steem Powered Up (Clients, Steem)0156,000156,000636,000636,000636,000636,000
(7b) Steem Powered Up (Clients, USD)0187,200187,200369,600369,600369,600369,600
(8) Steem Power Delegated (Community)00001,118,0001,118,0001,118,000
(9a) KPI 1 (unique 3Speak Visitors)000012,76812,85215,596
(9b) KPI 2 (SteemNinja² MVP)_____35%50%
(9c) KPI 3 (AGFA MVP V2.0)___50%100%100%30%
(10a) Steem burned______3%
(10b) SBD burned______100

Table 2: Steem Power Delegated Per Client

Q2 2018Q3 2018Q4 2018Q1 2019Q2 2019July 2019August 2019
Client 1_156,000156,000156,000156,000156,000156,000
Client 2___182,400182,400182,400182,400

Table 1 Notes:

(1) No Note

(2a) This is a total of all time agfa + estimate of steem ninja + accurate numbers of 3speak + accurate number of Oracle-D Task platform 1.5

(2b) This is using accurate number of 3speak non steem users + estimate of Steem Ninja users

(3) Using Piwik and google analytics of our websites- these numbers are out best estimates

(4) 10 votes at 87% vp at 100% with 2m sp, Steem prices of 0.55 for Q4 2018, 0.38 for Q1 2019, 0.37 for Q2 2019, 0.25 for Jul 2019 and 0.17 for August 2019, Does not include curation rewards

(5) No Note

(6) This is a cumulative estimate for the accounts: oracle-d, oracle-d.tasks,,, agfacademy, threespeak

(7a) This is a cumulative amount

(7b) This is a cumulative amount and is more than 3x time more than the project has distributed in rewards

(8) Threespeak Community Delegation + Steem.Ninja INV System

(9a) Number of unique visitors on 3speak Goal is to reach 20K unique visitors per month by end of Q4

(9b) Releasing SteemNinja² Onboarding System by November

(9c) Completing AGFA MVP by December 2019

(10a) We have removed our 10% beneficiary after HF 21 and now have a beneficiary of 3% which we burn. First time this will happen is on 03-Sept-2019

(10b) 100 SBD fee was burned on 01-Sept-2019

Table 1 Questions / Definitions:

  1. How many new accounts have been created using your projects' account this quarter?

  2. a) How many Steem accounts are interacting with your project (this includes guest accounts as well as Steem user accounts)

    b) How many Guest (non Steem) accounts are interacting with your project

  3. How many impressions is your project getting?

  4. What is the total quarterly (USD) value of rewards disbursed directly tied to the delegation? (can be a negative number of your projects is a flagging project)

  5. How much external revenue have you generated in USD per quarter? Do not count Steem income from curation / voting.

  6. How much revenue have you brought to Steem as measured by total STEEM powered up through your project's Steem accounts

  7. How much Steem is delegated to your project to manage on behalf of your clients? (fill sum in table 1, and show break down by client on table 2)

  8. How much Steem Power is delegated to your project from the Steem community?

  9. For the KPIs listed above, back report progress for the duration of the delegation on a quarter by quarter basis.

  10. How much Steem / SBD has your project burned?

  11. Describe what value the project continues to bring to the Steem community and why the community should continue to support your project?
    The 5 applications that we run on steem have allowed us to bring in significant amounts of steem from external fiat purchases. This amount will exceed 1Million steem before Christmas 2019. We have bought several highly influential content creators back to steem who had stopped posting several months ago. We have put the steem blockchain in front of one of the biggest footballers in the world. We have vastly improved the on boarding process making instant accounts easy to access and the ability to on board friends instantly accessible to all. We have bought job opportunities to hundreds of steemians who write great content for our clients. We have funded and supported hundreds of children and young footballers in disadvantaged areas while they have purchased kit with the steem blockchain logo, with the next step being to use our connections in the football world to begin marketing the app and bringing investment in. We have provided asset review jobs to several steemians who tested our DCORE platform this year and will open the platform out to the rest of the community in October 2019. We allow steemians and other deplatformed and demonetised creators with huge external followings to post using blockchain technology with no fear of censorship or demonetisation.
    Each of our applications and services are growing and, with the release of the next versions of the platforms in December and November 2019, we have a solid base and community ready to begin the marketing process in Q1 2020. The aim is to replace our Steemit inc Steem delegation with delegations bought in by fiat purchases made by external clients by September 2020. Platforms like 3speak are well into their beta phase and are growing quickly and DCO-RE is about to bring in large scale investments from professional hedge funds. Steem ninja continues to provide a top class on boarding service, especially once it is open sourced and provided to all. Our task platform has established clients and relationships that we have bought in over the previous year, once a saleable version is released we will be able to bring additional business into the chain as well as white label both our task platform for other publishers and the 3 speak platform for content creators

  12. Describe your project roadmap with expected timelines and milestones.

3 Speak
Dec 2019

  • Reach 20K Monthly users
  • Complete Beta Phase
  • Issue White Paper
  • Bring in first advertiser clients
  • Ad Mining

March 2020

  • Decentralise Video Storage
  • White Label Service
  • Platform Governance System
  • Pod Casting
  • Live Streaming
  • Verifiction System

July 2020

  • Implement decentralised marketing incenitve program

Sept 2020

  • Token Release

Andre Gray Fooball Academy
Dec 2019

  • MVP Version 2.0 release

March 2020

  • Marketing campaign with Andre Gray

Sept 2020

  • Token Release

Oracle-D task platform (soon to be YooDoo)
Dec 2019

  • V1.8 scaleable MVP release

March 2020

  • White label Service
  • Implement decentralised marketing incenitve program

July 2020

  • Token Release

DCO-RE Asset Review Platform

Nov 2019

  • Open Fund
  • release V1.0 or platform
  • onboard new asset reviewers
  • bring in new clients

March 2020

  • Complete initial fund raising
  • Invest in first assets

July 2020

  • White lable service

Sept 2020

  • Token Release

Nov 2019

  • Open Source Steem Ninja system to whole steem community in order that anyone can tokenize and sell their own instant accounts from their own claimed account balances

Good luck with the process and I don't know if it helps with the process but to whoever it may concern:--
As a rank and file Steemie I absolutely support Oracle-d 's application for delegation. They do so much for this Blockchain and its a better place for having them here. Give them an extra million too please. Thank you.

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Really appreciate that @nathen007!

Hellow sr, did you development a payment method for bought steem using credit card as a payment method.

thanks a lot.

In truth, @oracle-d has really proven that the steem blockchain is more than just a writing platform, but a scalable platform where application, projects, and business model are built on.

Don't know who's in charge of the distribution of the delegation, that being said - am in full support of @oracle-d request and even more.

I second this application!

That is great and thanks for the transparency. You people will continue to grow and move forward

This has been of great impact to myself and the network as a whole, I hope you get the delegation

Well written info with with good team members. OD is great project and getting their SP renewed is inevitable. You're great impact on this blockchain and many Steemians' journey .
Best of luck 🎲

Thanks @oracle-d for the impact to the blockchain

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Nicely written and explained!
I am sure you are gonna get that delegation. After all, you totally deserve it.

This is a great proposal and the work done already is evident. However I still don't agree with people on the delegation committee being involved in major projects as that represents a clear conflict of interests. Which by the way, you failed to declare in the CEO's bio.

Even though I have no doubts of the integrity of the committee, in my mind, @starkerz and anyone else who is involved in a project receiving delegation should resign from said committee.


Thanks for your comment @cryptogee. As a member of the committee I will not be allowed to vote on my own project during evaluations. This would be a clear conflict of interest.

That's good to know. I think this should be made more public (if it hasn't already), as it will give people more confidence in the system.


This is brilliant ! Thanks for sharing the Roadmap for Oracle D and in all seriousness I didn't know that 3speak was part of your initiative. Now I know ! Cheers and I'm sure you guys will consistently bring more value to the chain.

Catch up with you guys at Steemfest eh !

Look forward to seeing you there

Best of luck

Hope you will get deletions from lot of steemains,cause you are always doing great and also great idea.Have a nice day..

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@oracle-d is a name of community which always help alk steemian to improve their vlogging and going through to acctual goal...

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@oracle-d, Congratulations team and hope that now from this point of time new and amazing Portal for success will be opened. Keep up and stay blessed team.

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As a benefactor of one the oracle-d project through agfacademy, I am well pleased by this hardworking team and I vouch that their delegation should be renewed. @yoodoo is the new best

Success will always be a part of every good thing done by @oracle-d the new @yoodoo.

I admire this great team

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