@delegationtrust recorded town hall

Please see the above link to hear the open town hall with the Steem community. This was in meeting the objective of rebalancing existing delegations from @misterdelegation, and in the near future providing new delegations to applicants.


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Are we aware of any post with meeting notes or some kind of synopsis?

Also, has the process specific to community enrichment initiatives (ie antiabuse) been mapped out?

One I had in mind particularly was a "flag and burn" initiative coordinated through @steemflagrewards (SFR) community.

With that capability, we would be able to finally negate the abuse from @crystalliu (+ their alts) that is being facilitated by certain irresponsible bot owners. Need a bit of "elbow grease" so to speak.

@aggroed, @eonwarped, and @starkerz

SFR has been fighting abuse faithfully on this blockchain for some time and we are eager to do more.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Anti-abuse is something we have started to discuss, and we agree that it is something that will be valuable, just need to nail down exactly how we want to approach it.

Just to throw around some ideas for KPIs here, at least how I am thinking about it, I think it basically amounts to

" How much was knocked out in rewards for abuse "

Clearly the nature of abuse is contentious itself, but if there is consensus backing it / a good way of establishing this, it would be at least indisputable.

In any case, we should be in contact about how to approach this in the context of @delegationtrust.

(To answer your question specifically, it has not been mapped out yet)

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