Did you know @upmyvote shares 100% profits with our delegators?

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@upmyvote is a 100% profit sharing bid bot.

All bids are split with our delegators based on their delegation.

Want to delegate to @upmyvote and earn Steem?

Visit the Steem Bot Tracker Delegation Tool and chose the total amount of Steem Power you want to delegate. If you want to up your delegation, always put the final amount of Steem Power you want to delegate total and that will update your current delegation to that level. Same thing if you want to reduce it.

We pay out all our delegators on a daily basis.
(The first day will have a delay until the first full day)

@upmyvote is a community conscious bid bot and uses the Global Blacklist API to minimize rewarding abuse.

We have a freaking awesome logo don't we?


Hi, Where is my SBD?
Almost 4 day is gone but still not refund. Please check.


Why I was listed on the blacklist? What can I do for de-listing?

did you read my comment?

Are you there?

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