Automatic Daily Earning Payout Report!

in delegation •  7 months ago

I am Thank full to all Delegators who is supporting and making @upmewhale alive.It is pleasure to support you by giving High Payout Earning.We Are Offering 100% daily return!

Our Target is to Reach 1 million SteemPower Delegation.Once we reach 1 million Steempower we will start sharing (10 To 20%) of the curation earning to our delegators.It means that 100% earning return plus 10 to 20 % curation return will be amazing for all the delegators!

81.622 SBDsmooth-b
0.496 SBDalishannoor
0.050 SBDpro-analyst
0.067 SBDangelol
0.033 SBDlfepp
0.135 SBDmjmitche
1.358 SBDccoindigger
0.340 SBDflexthought
3.574 SBDlordgod
1.361 SBDsplendorhub
0.006 SBDmidnight-g
0.651 SBDchefdejour
0.680 SBDcryptoiceman
0.611 SBDrandrade
28.328 SBDneworleans
1.360 SBDmalekalmsaddi
0.044 SBDpuzzlingestate
3.332 SBDdoccryp
0.002 SBDsku77-poprocks
2.052 SBDkrexchange
0.407 SBDdaiky69
2.855 SBDrbp3
0.614 SBDwildvest
0.067 SBDjoeparys
0.494 SBDryacha21
0.972 SBDyabapmatt
0.252 SBDedupa
11.216 SBDbayrene
0.067 SBDpi1000
0.169 SBDlexiconical
0.033 SBDtrinkgeld
0.033 SBDdailypro
0.070 SBDgarudi
0.067 SBDcrypto4euro
6.154 SBDlinuslee0216
0.135 SBDsafran
0.003 SBDtbt
0.003 SBDnofilter
0.003 SBDoutfit
0.003 SBDoutfits
0.003 SBDnailart
0.003 SBDmakeupartist
0.496 SBDalishannoor
0.050 SBDpro-analyst
0.067 SBDangelol
0.033 SBDlfepp
0.135 SBDmjmitche
1.358 SBDccoindigger
0.340 SBDflexthought

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My goodness look at all that steem / SBD flowing. Thanks.

Congratulations to the winners
I have to commend the effort of our curators, with them wafrica will exist for life

This a good news! it's almost like 120% return which is good to any investors I think.


Yes we will offer much more to the delegators in near futures as much as the delegation amount increase will will offer more return .
Also we are going to start a referral system as well but developer is working to make a proper calculators for it.


Do we just delegate to @upmewhale and the rest goes automatically?


@bubke yes the payout and calculation and 100% return is automatic thanks




Your information is right

This is great news of crypto.I appreciate your post.actually you are
great one in this steemit..I am always follow your post..Cause I like your post always..And your every post is mind blowing ..Thanks for sharing you valuable post..My support will for your every .I wish you overcome in this steemit by your post.
Carry on your activity ..

Best of luck..

good initiative

Wow this is amazing hoping to check you guys out soon


This is amazing, thank you for initiating this

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I'm interested, but i do not know its' procedure... Would you like to explain me more., i'm really appreciate this post... explain me more please!!

Greetings, how can you be a delegate? I would like to invest also

If I transfer 0.5 sbd would receive votes or that would be to see if I win an auction and if I win is that they vote for my post ?, I would like you to explain a bit how it works. Thanks in advance

This is mind blowing;can't wait to set up my account 😊

Good job bro. Keep it up :)

Great post. Thank you.

Wow, great news, I wish you success in this matter and the earliest possible achievement of the goal.

Hi, I am new here. & i want's to know more about upwhale. So can you please help me? Thanks in advance

Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;)