48hs offer: DELEGATE 25 SP for a LIFETIME of daily $ ~0.02 upvotes and daily resteems!

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My service has been running for ~9 months. Current Steem Power: ~3,000.

Not convinced yet?
Resteem this post for a FREE TRIAL: you'll get your last post resteemed and $ ~0.02 upvoted and the same applies to your next 4 articles. Please note that if you publish 2 posts in a day only one will be processed in order to keep my voting power stable.

Just want a FREE resteem? Visit my post.

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DELEGATION LINK for 25 SP to get a lifetime of resteems and upvotes:

Please tell me in a comment after you delegate or resteem so that I can activate the right package for you.   =]

Don't miss out on this deal!!


Thanks for delegating @hardaeborla! Added you to the database. =]

Thank you for adding me to the database 😀

What is your economy model ? How is 25 SP delegation helping you.

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Thanks for resteeming! I gave you a free trial, enjoy! =]

I offer these packages:

  • 30x resteems + 30x upvotes for 0.5 SBD / STEEM (the price will likely increase in future when I get more funds and followers)
  • A lifetime of (daily) resteems and (daily) $~0.02 upvotes for a delegation of 30 SP (this may increase as well)

Delegations allow me to scale and keep the upvote amount stable while serving more users.
I also plan to add more features to my bot and invest 2K SP more in the next few months.

Any feeback / suggestions? =]

Do you upvote comments too ?

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Yes, on my (every other day) posts I process comments too. If users leave in the comments section a link to their comment and they resteemed my post, their comment gets upvoted for free (but not resteemed, comments cant be). This feature is actually not advertised on the posts themselves.
I used to offer single upvotes on comments for 0.005 but due to the recent changes to Steemit Wallet I stopped offering single resteems and single upvotes. I will likely re-enable them in the future. =]

Nice offer, this post is Resteemed.

Thank you @josua1! I gave you the free trial, enjoy! =]

You got a 81.18% upvote worth $0.052 from @upvotewhale courtesy of @marcocasario!

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Muy bien gracias por preguntar, te ves buena gente.

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