HoboDAO Delegation Reward System Update

in delegation •  18 days ago 

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HoboDAO Delegation Reward System Update

Recently a post was put out stating that we would shift some of our delegation rewards from HBO payouts to partial STEEM curation rewards. We might still do this in the future if it makes sense, but we want to make as few necessary changes as possible.

Right now, with SMTs in sight, a HoboDAO 2.0 plan is being worked on and so for the time being we're going to delay any delegation reward changes. You can expect delegation rewards for this month and next month to continue being given out at a rate of 250 HBO per 5 SP delegated.

Curious About HoboDAO 2.0?

HoboDAO 2.0 is a significant change in how the HoboDAO might work, one might even call it #NewHoboDAO. ;) However, the design is far from hammered out and needs quite a bit of polishing before a complete strategy is put out for the community to read.

What is obvious is that the mission of the HoboDAO will be the same: An Editorial Gateway for Quality Informative Content on Steem. That said, the method of obtaining a decentralized curation system via a democratic DAO will likely experience major changes. What kind of changes can you expect? We'll report back to you on that as soon as we can!

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