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The witness produced a good number of blocks and the next round of delegations is now available. The more the witness produces the more various projects get a boost and the more people in account creation limbo get their accounts.

New Delegations

Account /M Vesting Shares
@shadow3scalpel 0.405

I'm pulling in the unused delegations again. Once they come in next week we'll do another one outgoing.

Pulled Delegations (Inactivity 2+ months)


Message me if you want to come back to Steemit and I'll put the delegation back.

Current Delegations: Projects

Account /M Vesting Shares
@banca 1.015
@thealliance 0.408
@umvbot 0.406
@derangedvisions 0.305
@cincinato 0.304
@ssg-community 0.204
@eye4art 0.203
@steemitbd 0.203
@edentity 0.06
@plentyofphish 0.059
@phishing 0.03
@myprecious 0.02

Current Delegations: People

Account /M Vesting Shares
@sgt-dan 0.059
@veteranforcrypto 0.059
@thecrustyoldvet 0.03
@lightningjohn 0.03
@mulyadiaceh 0.03
@flipandflop 0.03
@silverd510 0.04
@ecs 0.03
@ron770 0.02

I am NOT entertaining suspension of any delegations to people (these are account creation delegations) unless the account would be eligible for faucet-delegation removal as per Steemit Inc's standards. "I don't like her" is not a reason.

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Deranged is people? I'm the same as you, I try to stay above 500 SP and hand out delegations. Just gave @ramblingradio a little so they can help curate posts from their shows a little better.


No, he's in the service list because it's for the photo contests. I'm considering getting rid of the base 500 and making the account worthless.


I am turning less into a people and more into a vision I guess.


Lmao like wonka vision?