Delegators Wanted - Earn STEEM every week

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Delegators to @greengrowth earn a flat rate of STEEM each week. We pay 1 STEEM for every 120 SP delegated. You can also delegate a fraction or multiple of this amount, for example delegating 60SP earns you 0.5 STEEM each and every week while the delegation is open.


Benefits of Direct Leasing

By leasing directly to me we cut out the middleman who is currently taking a 10% facilitation fee! That's a lot. That is why we are offering a generous 1 Steem for every 120SP. Many leases on MinnowBooster for for 1 Steem for every 150SP leased!

By leasing directly to @greengrowth you are also supporting the sustainability and environmental cause on Steemit. GreenGrowth works in partnership with @livesustainably.

Example Delegations

SP DelegatedWeekly Earnings
30 SP0.25 STEEM
60 SP0.5 STEEM

How to Delegate

Delegation has become very easy now, there are numerous tools to use. My personal favourite is on SteemBotTracker.

You simply enter your Steemit username and then who you would like to delegate to and the amount of SP.

Delegation Process

We check every day for new delegators. When we see one come in we will confirm with a memo to your account. After 7 days you will receive your first payout.

This payout will continue until you stop the delegation, which will be at any time you want.

Want to Chat

No problem, contact us in Discord to find out more


Just delegated a little SP, hopefully it went through and worked properly!

Thank you very much! It is great to have such committed followers! It has been great fun to grow together! Long may it last.

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