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I have always had serious doubts about the profitability of bid bots for users, I think users don't really get that much of a profit from these bots, most of the profit actually goes to the owners and the delegators.

Well it seems the people who run have about the same idea, bid bots are not welcome there and the tool they have used to avoid them is that you can't delegate voting power at whaleshares. So with no WP (Whale Power), bid bots will not work as they won't be able to get a high enough vote value for people to be interested in their use.

Of course this also means there are probably not going to be any curation trails, no people being favored by bigger holders with large delegations to increase their account values and everything else that is tied with delegation.


I know many people swear by curation guilds and there are a lot of people who have benefited from votes from these guilds, as I have never had a vote from this guilds my view is ambivalent, I know many people will feel this is bad but personally I don't really care actually I think this levels the playing field a little.

There are several other changes that have happened at the whaleshares platform among them the payout period is 14 days, this is another one I don't know if it is good or bad, while your payout has the chance of getting more votes due to the longer payout date, I really don't think many people will vote on older posts. Perhaps there are some other benefits which I don't know about.

Also flagging costs 3 times as much as an upvote, should reduce needless or petty flagging, and a self vote has only one third of the value of your vote, these two I think are very good implementations, even though the self vote rule is really going to harm me because I always rely on my self vote, perhaps this will make me look for more followers to vote for me.

But anyway I think Whaleshares has started out real good and I think it has a great future.

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