Delegation contract: @msp-creativebot 2017-10-10

in delegation •  last year

This blockchain contract extends the rental term of the former contract which can be found at

Between: @eturnerx (delegator) and @msp-creativebot (delegatee) represented by @sammosk

This extension:

  1. The existing 5000SP delegation lease is extended until 11:59 pm 31st October 2017, Australian local time.
  2. A lease of an additional 5000SP, also until 11:59 pm 31st October 2017, Australian local time.
  3. A rental fee of 125 STEEM to be paid by the delegatee to the delegator on or before 30th October 2017. The rental fee may be paid in installments.

Both delegatee and delegator declare their acceptance by typing "I agree" in a comment.

Additional information: The delegator already donates 125SP to the delegatee. With the donation and the rental, the total delegation is 10125SP. The donation is not covered by this agreement but is mentioned here to ease interpretation of account actions on the blockchain.

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I agree. (delegatee)

Lease extending until 30 Nov 2017. Lease fees 214.5 STEEM to be paid before end of lease term.


I agree. <3 As renter and delegatee. <3 Paid 150 steem now as partial payment.



Confirm: recv'd payment of 50 Steem. TX 05a12f00c787a4d6db2177174ce7039b98677a61. Many thanks.


Confirm: recv'd payment of 150 Steem.


The remaining 14.5 STEEM rental is donated. There is no outstanding balance.

By mutual agreement, this lease will not be extended beyond 1 December 2017. My personal thanks to @msp-creativebot and its operators and my best wishes for their future.

I agree (delegator).


proud of you for helping so many get started man on here

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Note: Fee recv'd and delegation made.

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