Delegation contract: @msp-creativebot 2017-09-12

in delegation •  last year

This blockchain contract extends the rental term of the former contract, which can be found at

Between: @eturnerx (delegator) and @msp-creativebot (delegatee) represented by @sammosk

This extension:

  1. The lease of a 5000SP delegation is extended until 12:01am 15th October 2017, Australian local time.
  2. A rental fee of 100 STEEM to be paid by the delegatee to the delegator on or before 15th October 2017. The rental fee may be paid in installments.

Both delegatee and delegator declare their acceptance by typing "I agree" in a comment.

Additional information: The delegator already donates 125SP to the delegatee. With the donation and the rental, the total delegation is 5125SP. The donation is not covered by this agreement, but is mentioned here to ease interpretation of account actions on the blockchain.

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Thank you so much @eturnerx ! Your support is very much appreciated.

Love what you're doing to keep the platform less third worldy. Have been considering renting out some steem power. But have decided not to, instead I've back logged a bunch of articles, and will focus on having fun out and about, and socializing on here with no other motive than to spread the joy! Keep up the great work! -Dan


Good to hear from you. I figured you were out gathering more source material these last few days. I try to keep some steem in hand so my upvote are worth something. But, beyond a few K SP, for me at least, the law of Dimishing Marginsl Utility starts kicking in so I tend to either rent it away or sponsor something I think is cimmunity building. You grow the middle class from the bottom up.... Since we don't have the European option of growing a middle class from the 2nd and 3rd children of aristocrats :)


Yes I, I've been busy enjoying myself and having fun and that means more source material. Yesterday I went caving and met a nice Korean girl. We hung out all day was interesting. Right those diminishing margins. You're really doing well with how you help out with your influence here. Yes from the bottom up, or the top down, however it gets done will make steemit a better place.

I agree (delegatee)

Waaaaay beyond my puny brain to understand but you were my very first up vote on STEEMIT so I had to come here and up vote your stuff!

I agree (delegator)

Rent has been paid in full.

I agree 😄

I need some POWER! :D


What would you do with it?

Thanks informasi

@eturnerx, v nice information you shared about delegation contract. thnks