BlissFish Gains New SP - For a total of 6,431 SP!

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Do you want to win a nice healthy upvote?

Look no further then @blissfish . We allow people to win a 100% upvote by entering in a raffle every 2.5 hours. As of today, you can win a 0.16 cent upvote on your blog post!

We are better than a Bidbot and it's easy to win a vote right now!

We don’t have many entries each round so you are currently missing out! You can send a min. of 0.003 Steem and now SBD to be entered into the contest. BlissFish is much easier than a bidbot as there is no waiting around to find the right bidbot just put your link in the memo field and send the minimum to @blissfish.

If I Want to Delegate to BlissFish What Are The Benefits?

We are currently working on the details around this and our next post will describe how you can be part of a raffle bot with your SP delegation and earn a healthy return.

Do you own a discord and want to install BlissFish in it?

Please check out our post how to get the Blissdis discord bot in your community! You can give your communities a chance to enter in their post automatically to win an upvote!

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We hope you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks for the awesome votes!

And you are awesome! Keep rocking and earning Blissfishy.

Hit or miss, I guess you guys hit.

Hi, @blissfish!

You just got a 4.93% upvote from SteemPlus!
To get higher upvotes, earn more SteemPlus Points (SPP). On your Steemit wallet, check your SPP balance and click on "How to earn SPP?" to find out all the ways to earn.
If you're not using SteemPlus yet, please check our last posts in here to see the many ways in which SteemPlus can improve your Steem experience on Steemit and Busy.