How To Delegate Steem Power - THE EASY WAY!

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OK, so many people like myself just hate having to type, copy/paste check and what ever else is needed to delegate Steem Power.

Some apps out there are really cool. That's Nice.

However, going back to the days when it was all new to me, the look my face was like:

So here I have come up with a simple solution, incorporating the ever so accepted and safe SteemConnect.


Type in your account name in the top space,

Then the account name of the person/account you wish to delegate to,

Then the amount. (make sure it is a round number, no decimals).

snapshot 1.png


Click on Submit.

and you will see a link show up in the box under it.

Double check the names, you are in no rush! Everyone can make a typo, so can you!

snapshot 2.png


CLICK on the "DELEGATE" button at the bottom, under the box with the link in it.

This then takes you direct to SteemConnect.

snapshot 3.png

Simple enough isn't it.

No messing around, just type in and the rest is childs play!

Hope this little page comes in handy!

Feel free to use it anywhere you like. It's there for the next couple of years, that is how long I registered the domain for.

Wish everyone a nice weekend.

Signing out for the day, still gone AWOL for the time being, as you can see.

Yours truly..

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There is a typo on the first line LOL INTRODUCING

Great effort 😁

great tool!! Bookmarked and saved for when I have steem. LOLL

that's awesome! I will have to pin this somewhere because I know down the road this will be important!
Thanks Jack :D

Simplicity rules!

There are many easy ways to delegate to somebody else (there are a lot of delegation tools out there) however the simple fact of you creating a tool for Steem is something that makes you a better witness, I highly encourage you to keep creating this type of tools.
All rewards from this comment will go to charity

Inspirational. I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.

I use this one:

This is also very good and easy


Fair enough, your choice.

No cookies or databases on, it's just the simplest of form makers, exactly what the doctor ordered!

Disciple friend delegate what is it about? What benefit can it bring us?

Hey Jack. I got this bug when trying to login. What could be the cause?


Well, it is just a form maker, no cookies, no database, so your security settings may be maxed out!

or you can just add an exception to this page.

I could actually understand this message you got if the site was collecting any data.