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This is a recurring post
10SP returns 0.01steem every 7 days
Delegate Min 10 Max 100 for guaranteed returns every 7 days
All power ups will be used to upvote followers of steemitcuration and other quality posts
Delegate through Steembottracker
This is aimed at smaller active accounts
Any questions comment below


I will be delegating some sp to you soon. Would you be willing to give some votes to some of the participates in the raffles. All the guys are active and produce content would be much apreciated. Ps following you curation trail keep up the good work

not a problem. You are helping us all out with the raffles, the votes wont me much in value but we are growing slowly would be really good if more people started following the trail and also delegating sp as we can do more good. For now we can upvote 3 posts per raffle as you have capped them at 30 which is a good idea, hope that will be good enough for now just send us the link to the 3 posts

Perfect thank you so much. I am also going to do a post on why to follow trails and delegating so hopefully we have you built up soon.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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