Earn a 100% share of daily rewards | Guide: How to delegate to @cabbage-dealer

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@cabbage-dealer will be giving all delegators a 100% share of rewards. To be a part of @cabbage-dealer and to begin earning risk-free passive income please view the guide below.

How to delegate to @cabbage-dealer

All delegations are automatically registered by the bid bot software. The following steps describe how you can delegate to @cabbage-dealer:

  1. Visit the site: https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html
  2. Enter your Steem account name in the Delegator input field
  3. Click on the Load button
  4. Enter "cabbage-dealer" in the Delegatee input field
  5. Enter the amount of Steem Power you wish to delegate in the Amount input field
  6. Click on the Delegate button

Congratulations you have just delegated to @Cabbage-Dealer! You will receive a confirmation memo from @Cabbage-Dealer, please check your memos in your wallet to see the confirmation. Your payouts will now begin from the next withdrawal

Join us on discord!

If you have concerns or suggestions please reach out to me on discord.


You got a 35.71% upvote from @cabbage-dealer courtesy of @crassus!

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