How to Delegate Steem Power to Minnowsupport (Any others account)

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Hello steemers

IF you have 30SP in your Account then you can delegate you steem power to minnowsupport and get SBD .

You Just Follow few Simple steps to delegation. In order to Delegate SP you need to convert to Vests its a bit tricky. Most of user use to check your vest but i think now this site are not working so i recommend you to use

You will see page like That


  • Enter username that you wanted to delegate sp and also enter
    username that you wanted to send delegation Like that


  • After puting both username that you wanted to send and received put vests that you wanted to delegate (you can check your vest by put your vests here

  • I have 50748.443 Vests in my account so i put in vests and just click enter Then you will see

  • Then Click on Continue button and you will delegated your steem power

Now i will not click on continue button because i was not wanted to delegate my sp to anyone i just show you that you will delegate you sp to anyone if you have 30 sp and you will delegate to Minnowsupport and they will pay for it.

Thanks for watching and upvote


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