DeLabs finalized USD $3 million deal to move its NFTs from Solana to Polygon

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The head of the project clarified that they received much more lucrative proposals, but accepted Polygon's because of the benefits that network brings to their project.

In a recently released announcement, the developer team behind the NFT y00ts and DeGods collections, DeLabs, revealed that they received an offer of USD $3 million to migrate their non-fungible tokens from the Solana network to the Polygon network.

The development team provided the information via its official Discord channel this week, and the founder of the two NFT projects, Frank III, copied the announcement and made it public via his official Twitter account.

Here is a screenshot of our latest @y00tsNFT Discord announcement.


Far from calling this a deal that only benefited senior figures or to the detriment of the Solana network, Frank detailed that they accepted the proposal as the capital would be used to expand their team and optimize projects in development. He also added that they had received much more lucrative proposals from other networks, but indicated that they accepted Polygon's offer because they were much more enthusiastic about what the network had to offer them technologically speaking.

In this regard, the statement reads:

"We didn't take this deal for the money. It's just a nice bonus and we will use it effectively. We did this because it's the most exciting direction for y00ts as a project. Also, if you are really upset, all I ask is to simply channel that energy into genuine questions before automatically assuming the worst."

Let's keep in mind that the DeLabs team announced in late December that its flagship projects would move to operate over the Polygon network, but at the time they did not indicate anything about the monetary arrangement.

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