Delabo - Delegate 200SP and get 0.12$ upvote once a day

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If you're new to @delabo, you can read more about it here: Introducing delabo upvote service. There are already happy customers who receive daily upvotes for there delegation. You can have this, too. Just read on how..


How to join?

Simply use one of the following links to delegate SP to @delabo and you're ready to go. If you write a post you will receive a single upvote worth 11x your delegated SP once a day.

AmountExpected vote value each day
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Sent .4 steemit for resteem/upvote

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@realblockchain you should think about delegating then. :)

hi @delabo , just given delegation to you. lets see how you progress wishes.


@danieldoughty Thank you, share a word about it to your friends if you want. :P

acabo de delegar 200 sp cuando recibo el voto?


The service will vote after ~25 minutes.

In the previous post you wrote 11x and in this post 0.12$ Also, both of the posts are of 2 months old. I m a little confused! 😅

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@mango-juice At this time 11x the delegates SP (200) were worth: 0.12$. :)

Hi! I delegated 50sp today, how long until I start receiving the service?


Hey, the service is activated immediately.

Hi. Is there any problem with the service? The last vote I received was in February 26


Hey, yeah, there have been some issues related to steem node api changes but it's up and running again. :)

You do know that voting on a post before 15 minutes screws later voters out of their curation rewards?
Stop doing that, eh?