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Although lately I've been in an emotional downwards spiral caused by bad performing crypto coins, loosing trust in people I trusted for multiple years, and the sudden death of a dear friend, I look very much forward to the upcoming Dekmantel festival. Not only because this is one of the finest techno festivals in the Netherlands, with the best techno lineup one can get, in a beautiful setting in the Amsterdam forest, but mostly for the fact The Advent will give a live performance. And not just a live performance, nooooo, he will go back to his musical roots. Back to the 90s. Electro.

But, that is in the future, this Saturday. After the weekend I'll return back to this Portuguese techno master to report back to you.

© Modeselektor & Martintoutcourt (source)

This post I'll bring you Modeselektor - the guys from Berlin - Gernot Bronsert & Sebastian Szary - from back in the days - they started working together mid 90s - the guys behind Monkeytown Records - the guys from and in the underground - the guys who will play a DJ set this evening at Dekmantel. I'm still a bit sad I will not be able to attend due to other commitments. Already checking their schedule to determine if I can travel somewhere next months or so. It has been too long I've heard them live! Certainly they play at some fine events like Afterlife at Ibiza and Tribal Tech in Brasil, but I'm afraid I need them a bit closer to home. Hopefully they'll be at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in October this year.

For now, I'll have to settle with their Soundcloud and YouTube media. When you are a true techno lover and fan; I urge you to check them out.


Press Play Below

Artist: Modeselektor
Set: Solid Steel Radio Show
Year: 2015
Country: Germany

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Sorry to hear about your friend. All the best mate!


Maybe is better to focus your thoughts on something nicer, like for example fact that Dekmantel Festival is one of the biggest gigs during the year.
Currently Raving Foxes are not in Netherlands and missed Katharsis 2018 and soon Rotterdamse Rave Festival but already got tickets for Intercell x Perc Trax ADE 2018.

And I did :) Thanks :)
Owww, you are going to quite a few festivals. Enjoy wherever you are.

Sorry to hear about your current struggles, but I'm happy to see someone enjoy Modeselektor as much as I do. Seen them 5 times now and they never disappoint. I was at their recent Modeselektion release party in NYC a few months back with Apparat and Vatican Shadow and it was such a great night of music. Catch them if you can.

I certainly will. Apparat I also like. Vatican Shadow, I need to explore, it is a new name for me.

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