Best DeFi lending platform 2022:

Decentralized financial systems - called DeFi - will continue to experience high demand in 2022. Investors are increasingly turning to independent investment alternatives that are not regulated by states or banks. Here, smart contracts and decentralized applications offer interesting solutions to able to process transactions independently and digitally.

If you look around the crypto market, you can quickly see that there is an enormous selection of DeFi lending platforms. We tested various providers in a large DeFi platform comparison and would like to present them in more detail.

1. DeFi Swap:

The decentralized exchange DeFi Swap is not only one of the most exciting projects on the DeFi market this year, but was also able to secure first place in our comparison. At DeFi Swap, interested investors can trade the in-house token DeFi Coin (DEFC) and benefit from the exclusive features of the platform.

All advantages of DeFi Swap at a glance:

- Exclusive reward system for long-term investors

- Attractive returns ensure passive income

- Innovative platform with great features

- DeFi Coin offers enormous future potential

- A separate app and further learning material are planned for the future


The online broker eToro, which has been on the market since 2007, can also convince as a flawless DeFi platform. Investors have more than 160 cryptocurrencies available that can be traded without incurring commissions. The standard spread of 1% is also quite competitive and is communicated transparently by the provider.

All advantages of eToro at a glance:

- Large selection of cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments

- Innovative design & easy operation for beginners

- Crypto staking is possible

- Copy trading can be used free of charge

- Low minimum deposit & many popular payment methods


One of the best DeFi platforms is because investors can trade several hundred cryptocurrencies commission-free and as CFDs. encourages prospective investors in particular because the trading platform provides an enormous range of training and learning opportunities.

Benefits All the benefits of at a glance:

- Large range of training and learning opportunities for beginners

- Broad and competent customer service

- Commission-free cryptocurrency trading

- Free app available

- Now to!

4. Skilling:

On the Skilling trading platform, crypto lovers can trade more than 50 CFDs on cryptocurrencies and benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio, because the provider advertises with the lowest spreads in the industry comparison. You can open exciting long or short positions with a maximum leverage of 1:2.

His assets can not only be managed via the website but also conveniently via smartphone with the Skilling app. If that is not enough for you, you can also use the MetaTrader 4 connection or use the in-house Skilling Trader platform, which was developed for traders of all levels and uses the latest technology.

As a further feature, you can also access the popular copy trading at Skilling, which makes it possible to copy successful trading strategies. The DeFi platform was approved under license number and has been continuously monitored and regulated by CySEC ever since.

Benefits All the benefits of skilling at a glance:

- Large selection of platforms such as "Skilling Trader"

- Regulated Vendor

- Copy trading is available

- Low spreads in an industry comparison

5. Binance:

The crypto exchange Binance is also one of the best DeFi lending platforms because the provider was recently able to expand its range enormously. Not only is it possible to trade more than 600 cryptocurrencies here, but the in-house NFT marketplace and the Binance Pay payment system are also causing a stir among crypto investors.

All the advantages of Binance at a glance:

- Huge staking and farming supply with Binance Earn

- Low fees of 0.1% on crypto trading

- NFT trading is possible

- Large selection of cryptocurrencies, incl. Binance Coin (BNB)

- Free app available


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