Decentralized finance or DeFi on Steemit Platform Now: Steem-Staking

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Steemit was doing DeFi before DeFi was cool!

@steem-staking provides the Steemit community a DeFi Opportunity Now!

Steem-Staking DeFi

@steem-staking uses the existing Steemit platform smart contracts and existing three tokens on the steam blockchain to provide baseline interest based on then inflation, which is the same manner as the majority of DeFi interest paying projects, all pay interest in their native token or all provide rewards in their native token. Additionally seem-staking provides additional earnings of unto 30% on curation earnings.

One deposit, but two ways to make money, both occur passively with no additional work for you.

Plus even though this is a blogging platform, for steel-staking investors it is completely passive, no writing and no upvoting.

Promote Steemit and Steem

Steemit provides a profitable decentralized finance opportunity on the stable and time tested Steemit Platform

Shared Mission

Lets make Steem and Steemit widely known as a decentralized finance opportunity.

Suggestions to Steemit Community Members

Use social media to inform your friends and your social media contacts information on @steem-staking to attracting investors as new users to grow the number of Steemit users and the number of investors on Steemit.

All Defi is a gamble on new tokens and new projects, Steem and Steemit are 4 years old!


Where do you want to invest your money: new programs which could disappear tomorrow or a 4 year old program on Steemit?

Fast Free Transactions

Do you want to invest your money on blockchains with high transaction fees or on Steemit with Fast, Free Transactions


@steem-staking creator @shortsegments has over 2.5 years experience on the platform and has written over 50 articles on decentralized finance, the blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steemit and all the components of decentralized finance like securitization, tokenization, non-fungible tokens, the MakerDao and other decentralized finance topics.

Service, Help and Accessibility

The project creator is available here via comments on posts, via discord at steem-stakings discord channel and even hosts a guest account, so guests can sign in and make comments. Discord steam-staking #.
I am available to provide information, guidance, support and a reputable, transparent investment vehicle on the Steem blockchain.

Safety Matters.
Your capitol stays in your wallet. We help you lock up your capitol In a non-withdrawal-able form to keep it as safe as possible from theft. We pay you Steem that you are free to spend or invest to increase your earnings.

Transparency matters.
The blockchain is revolutionary because the accounting books are out in the open for everyone to see.
Here at Steem Staking we want you to trust us, but we want you to check up on what we are doing.
You can see everything we do. Trust but verify.

Steem Staking Smart Contract Explanation
In order to earn the staking interest, you must utilize a two step, smart contract mediated process; First Powering Up powering up your Steem to Steem Power and Second Delegating your Steem Power to the account Steem-Staking. Powering Up changes your Cryptocurrency from liquid Steem to illiquid Steem Power. Delegation means you delegate to Steem Staking the use of the Steem Power, but the actual Steem never leaves your account. Because your Steem is never moved, it remains in your account, under your complete control. A longer explanation is below.

The Safety of Steem Staking Project
I have loaned people money before and it is always risky because once you give someone your money you are now depending on their honesty to return your money ey if things don’t turn out right. You feel vulnerability, but with Steem Staking you never feel vulnerable because your money never leaves your possession; your Steem never leaves your wallet. Your capitol is never at risk from this investment. Steem-Staking is a creation of @shortsegments who has been on the Steemit platform 2.5 years and @shortsegments set up this program to utilize all the safety features of the Steemit platform in this investment program..

How to Sign Up for Steem-Staking.

If you are new to Steemit and don't have an account start here. Current Steem investors skip to next paragraph.

  1. Create a new account via Steem Instant Sign-up LINK
  2. Buy Steem on one of these exchanges: Binance, Upbit, Bithumb, Huobi Global, HitBTC, Binance, Bittrex, Bitvavo, VCC Exchange, MXC, CoinDCX,, WazirX, Poloniex, Upbit, RuDex and Altilly.
  3. Transfer the Steem to your new account wallet on Steemit
  4. Power up your Steem to Steem Power using the drop down menu you see when you click on the Steem word with the triangle next to it..

Current Steem Investors Start Here

  1. You power up the amount of Steem you want invest to Steempower, using the wallet drop down menu.

Delegate 25 SP

Delegate 50 SP

Delegate 100 SP

Delegate 250 SP

Delegate 500 SP

Delegate 1000 SP

Delegate 2000 SP

Delegate 3000 SP

Delegate 4000 SP

Delegate 5000 SP

Delegate 10000 SP

Delegate 15000 SP

Delegate 20000 SP

That’s it! Now relax.
You set it, now forget it.
Your done!

  1. Your account will start receivIng weekly payments starting in about seven days.

  2. Steem-Staking will list your delegation in the Steem-Staking Report, and the expected date of the first interest payment.

  3. Earnings stop immediately after you remove the delegation. So once you undelegate no further earrings will be sent to your account.

Guest Question

Are you not sure about investing and have a question? Sign in as a guest and ask a question
To sign in as a guest3 hit reply below, then use the user name and the posting password to sign in and ask your question.

Do you have questions? Sign in as guest3 using this password.

  1. Click reply
  2. type guest3 in username
  3. copy and paste this: 5KkNyQgpMsRWERkFdAZpvj62mmNkuCACr3dZXdbujRhHXykoXJ1 as the password.


  1. Sign IN.
  2. Type your question in the box and click post.



Mentions, The purpose of mentions is to request support for the project with upvotes or delegations.


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