The release time of Nutbox has been altered to 21:00, Oct. 20th, 2020 [UTC+8]

in #defi2 years ago

nutbox date.jpeg

According to the feedback from the Steem community, the original release time is at the midnight for the Asian zone which is not friendly to users. And some of the community members suggest postponing the release to 21:00, Oct. 20th, 2020 [UTC+8]. Voting by the Nutbox committee, Six members support putting off the release, while one insists on the original plan. Finally, the Nutbox release time is altered to 21:00, Oct. 20th, 2020 [UTC+8].

社群有伙伴反馈 ,Nutbox原计划发布时间 2020年10月20日00点00分 「UTC+8」对于亚洲大部分地区来说正是午夜,建议延迟至 2020年10月20日21点00分 「UTC+8」发布。经过Nutbox投票决定,以6比1的支持延迟发布,最后决定 Nutbox于 2020年10月20日21点00分 「UTC+8」正式发布。

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