These Could Be The Worlds Most Powerful DeFi Tools, Check Em Out!

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De.Fi has been hard at work for the last 4 years creating what could be the worlds most powerful tools for decentralized finance.

The system has security tools, an ai system and can provide massive amounts of information about the DeFi eco system.

DeFi Dashboard

The DeFi dashboard allows you to manage all your DeFi projects in one place and gives you access to all the information you would ever need to make the right decisions.


Explore Yields

With this system you are able to find out all the different yields of coins across multiple chains, allowing you to manage all of your DeFi investments from one spot.



The DeFi GPT system is an ai bot that allows you to find out the best investment information easily.

Ask the system about which coins to invest in, find the best times to invest, with massive amounts of data this system can become very powerful.


DeFi Scanner

DeFi scanner allows you to check smart contracts for know bugs, flaws and backdoors and it a must have tool for anyone who uses cryptocurrency.

This is useful for developers and also regular users, as you can check any smart contract without running it yourself.


DeFi Sheild

DeFi shield is like an anti virus for DeFi, it automatically checks for scams and backdoors when your interacting with crypto wallets such as metamask.

If you invest in DeFi this is something everyone should be using, checking smart contracts before you connect to them.


DeFi Social Profiles

De.Fi has a powerful profile system that allows you to find out huge information on different web3 users, the most detailed block explorer type system on the market.


DeFi Connect

The DeFi connect system is a fully fledged social media network that allows you to post content, interact with the community and build relationships with other crypto users.


Huge Backers And Investors

De.Fi has huge backers and investors including large crypto exchanges, big investment companies and venture capital companies that have invested in SpaceX and Tesla.



The DeFi ICO is now running, the current price at the time of writing this article is 30 cents per token with a max supply of one billion tokens, which would have the starting market cap of this project at 300 million.


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