The Simple Reason the term DeFi is here to stay

in #defi4 years ago (edited)


Assume that you know nothing about cryptocurrencies. If I was to come to you and ask you to invest money to something that had the word "crypto" in it, your first instinct would be to back off.

That's the problem cryptocurrencies had so far. Crypto sounds too conspicuous, even intimidating. It doesn't even describe the essence of most blockchain projects. It merely describes a function in the blockchain technology.

The rebranding from the "blockchain/crypto" narrative into Decentralized Finance into something everyone can understand and trust is a gigantic move for the crypto idea to have adoption. All projects will go through it. Decentralization is already a trending theme as it removes power from centralized institutions. The only obstacle is for governments to embrace the idea after the upcoming collapse of the FIAT financial sector.

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