Does STEEM want DLUX Back?

in #defi3 years ago

STEEM was once home to a Virtual and Augmented Reality Platform that was capable of just about anything you can do online... in a decentralized manner. We developed our own method for building consensus based layer 2 tokens and a non-custodial DEX. As we push further in our development proving Cross Chain compatibility becomes a reality and STEEM seems like a likely place to build a bridge to.

Let me know if this is a project you'd look forward to having back on STEEM! Check us out at


Nice work! You just got yourself a $2.82 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

I am checking it out. I must have missed the change to Hive, but it says Hive is steem, so? Since I have all the stuff, do I need another account? I also have my RotoDraw3D DirectX 12 drawer with .obj output probably easy to add glTB output. Thanks

You have an account there... it'll be your keys from around march of last year. And yeah, almost anything can be made to work on the platform. babylon.js is where we want to take the SDK.

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