Geoma DAO; Disrupting The Usual Way Of Governance

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The world keeps on changing and we should hang on to that. The potential of a DAO has always been yet to be explored. DAO simply means Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. It is provided by the intelligence, the technical know-how and the high moral standards of its contributors. These contributors can bring up progressive proposals within the DAO targeting innovational technologies in different sectors. The fulfilment of the DAO would increase in various ways if it is allowed to operate in the physical world.

The Geoma DAO is aimed at creating cash flow and wealth for contributors. The name Geoma is derived from two words; Geo meaning Earth, and Ma meaning Management. Geoma DAO is nothing more than a Distributed Network of Contributors. It DAO isn't created for quick money but is rather created to initiate steady and incessant growth. Also, It lives and interconnects through smart contracts on the blockchain, Hence, it will literally unction as the blockchain technology would.

Geoma DAO disrupts the usual way of Governance

Yea, governance happens everywhere; out homes, schools, churches, our countries, and even in Geoma DAO. But then, what matters is the kind of government. Centralized governance has filled up everywhere. Let's look at it from the blockchain technology aspect. Most platforms do not give their users any right, leaving them to do nothing but follow. But just like there's a bad part, there's a good part too; Geoma DAO. Geoma DAO brings the decentralized finance system. In its case, everybody is a somebody. There is no CEO, Upper Management, Middle Management, Lower Management or whatever. The Geoma DAO system shares equal right amongst the founder, any sort of title, and all users. In other words, Geoma DAO eliminates the pyramid way of governance. Every decision (token listing, etc) made on the platform must involve everyone. The only difference between other contributors and early members is that the early members reserve 1% of the total supply of the GMD Token, and that's quite small as most platforms reserve 30% and even more for themselves. Everyone is entitled to propose something and since voting is a way of implementing features of the Geoma DAO, everyone is equally entitled to that as we (including the early members) are all pure contributors.

The GMD Token

The GMD token gives users the right to propose, vote, and partake in all activities within the system. Hence, it should be seen as a Utility Token. It is an ERC20 token and it's contract address can be found here

Despite that, the Geoma DAO will have a second Token Model. This model will be a security. GMDST Tokens will be set free to members after the execution of a real time project has been voted. The GMDST token bears ownership and divided rights. It will always be subsidized by assets like land, buildings, water, etc.

In this way, the token will have a relatively stable value, giving the token holder an assurance that his investment is anchored. The GMDST token also comes with an ownership certificate. For safety reasons and to avoid duplication, the certificate will

be issued with a blockchain ID and broadcasted to the Network. The ID will at all times be connected to the smart contract and can be substantiated on the block explorer.

Only 21.000.000 GMD Tokens (ERC20) have been minted. The token distribution will be done so:

5% representing 1.050.000 GMD will be used for the Bounty, Airdrop and Exchange Liquidity Program.
1% representing 210.000 GMD will be distributed to early contributors and founders.
94% representing 19.740.000 GMD will be distributed to contributors.

Token Price

For early bids
0.4 USD/1GMD

0.7 USD/1GMD

Then IEO

With the nature of the project, GMD and GMDST tokens can be swapped at a ratio of 100 GMD : 1 GMDST.

Token Holders (GMD) can earn by stacking at a maximum rate of 10%/year.

Token Holders (GMDST) will earn monthly benefits from the projects of the DAO.

Some early members of Geoma DAO includes:

  • Arthur Fleischer

  • Florin Vranceanu

  • Adrian Toma

  • Sylvester Anichebe

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