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ApeSwap is defined as a Decentralized Exchange/Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain (forked from PancakeSwap). ApeSwap was built by DeFi Apes, for DeFi Apes. They have a devoted Team of experienced monkeys, who have been in the crypto space for quite a long time. $BANANA is the local money of our foundation. Stake, pool, and earn $BANANA all on ApeSwap.


Monkeys need to have some good times together, and when you are having a great time, you get hungry. That is the reason we have a banana pool so you can mess around with different monkeys and eat more bananas. Obi Dobo will keep the zoo tidy and the bananas ready and prepared to harvest.

At first, we just started with the $ BANANA pool, yet since then we have added and keep on adding new pools for every one of our monkeys. For the latest news on pools, visit ApeSwap.Finance/Pools.


Apes standard stuff, 0.3% swap fee. Obi Dobo needs to keep the zoo operational so we can keep the rocket on its way to the moon. 0.05% of the swap fee will go to the developer wallet. The rest go to the monkeys at the zoo.

Consuming Map $ BANANA V2.0

The monkeys in ApeSwap love to consume $ BANANA. We attempt to keep things interesting and monitor our BANANA stocks, so we consume them routinely. In any case, we also love to strive for incredible events!

Meet $ BANANA Burn Map V2.0 (we effectively consumed the first one!). Each position on the account guide will trigger a chronicle by our team!
[4/13, 10:45 PM] ann: Burn

To demonstrate our commitment to the project, we will use 100% of our revenue to buy back and burn. There is a 0.3% fee on any swap (standard for all DEX's), 0.05% of every transaction goes to the ApeSwap Treasury. During our first 3 months, 100% of our ApeSwap Treasury will be used to buy back and burn $BANANA. When this period ends we will rethink the best use of these funds with the community.

Intend to deliver ordinary, consistent, and huge burns for all of you. As much as apes LOVE $BANANAS, we love our kindred apes significantly more, and we realize token worth is essential to you. So you continue farming' and we'll continue to burn

Gamified Burning

Apes, we have loads of fun $BANANA games coming up! The first is the ApeSwap lottery, where we will burn 20% of $BANANA each round. Not exclusively will some fortunate Apes be swimming in $BANANA, however the whole Ape community will profit by the burn

Compound Vaults with 0.05%-0.1% Withdrawal Fee that goes towards buyback/burn


⚪What is the ApeZone?

With an end goal to persistently bring new projects, new pairs, and new farms to the ApeSwap.Finance ecosystem, we're eager to formally declare the ApeZone.

This ApeZone is designed to carry extra utility to the local $BANANA token, serve as a launchpad for energizing new projects, and make more significant levels of community commitment.

Beginning Ape Offering: These will happen in an assortment of ways. Some will be structured like traditional offerings, where we burn half of all $BANANA raised for the offering. Others will have more innovative mechanics

Partnership bargain fees for buyback and burn: We will list new high return pools for all you hungry apes to ape into. To lessen the supply of $BANANA we will present a listing fee that will be used to buyback and burn $BANANA

For more information about this project you can see it below:

ApeSwapFinance App: https://apeswap.finance/
Medium: https://ape-swap.medium.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ape_swap
Telegram: https://t.me/ape_swap
Announcements: https://t.me/ape_swap_news
Telegram Price: https://t.me/ape_swap_price
GitHub: https://github.com/ApeSwapFinance
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ape_swap/
Apeswap Analytics : https://info.apeswap.finance/home

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