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YearnLandFinance is a DeFi project that is complete with different tools for scalability. Below are some of these tools and their functions


This will be the storehouse of the YearLandFinance. It can be likened to real-life vault where precious stones or possessions are kept. This will house every asset on the platform


The farm will serve the function of enabling anymore to move their funds between other DeFi projects. Using the yFarm, anyone can easily move funds around without having to withdraw them first and deposit it again. This is to say that the yFarm serves as a bridge between one DeFi and another. This is a cool feature


This has to do with providing insurance for smart contracts against loss. Smart contracts owners can use this product of YearnLandFinance to provide insurance for their contracts against loss


Today we pay an exorbitant amount of fees sending out DeFi tokens. I recall using $100 to withdraw my staked yields and restake a token and yet the transaction failed. Using the yZap, you won't need to withdraw your yields before you can restake them. yZap gives users the chance to switch directly from one stable coin to another example is zapping from yCRV to yDAI or to even switch between base staked tokens and stable coins. This will help reduce the fees spent as tx fees


This makes the YearnLandFinance a community project. The community can vote in or against any activity. yLand holders stand as validators who vote to implement some features or vote for the removal of any feature in the ecosystem
YearnLandFinance has all these products to ensure the maximum functioning of the ecosystem. This is the first time a project has so many features that all targets to the proper functioning and ease of use of the ecosystem. Head over to the website to enjoy all these functions

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