Introducing the Defective Chocolate Sphere! Get Yours In a Week!

Hello Steemit!

Greetings from the warm, summer heat of Australia. Do you like chocolate? Do you particularly like it when it arrives as spheres? Well, you've come to the wrong place. We only produce Defective Chocolate Spheres here, and they're a real life Bit Shares asset.

This post serves as the distribution for Defective Chocolate Spheres.


  1. Open a BitShares account. Feel free to use my referral link.
  2. Upvote this post.
  3. Resteem this post.
  4. Leave a comment with your BitShares account name.
  5. Wait a week (plus maybe a few hours) - and you'll get your defective Chocolate Spheres!


That depends on how many people take part in this. There will be ONE MILLION DEFECTIVE CHOCOLATE SPHERES issued in total, after a massive manufacturing failure at the chocolate sphere factory. The distribution is as follows:


The distribution will be a manual, arduous labour of love, performed by one @holoz0r on a lonely next Friday night. The distribution for the community will be calculated as follows:

600,000 divided by number of users who upvote + resteem ; rounded down to the nearest whole number.


This is chocolate, on the blockchain. It is proven that things are more successful when combined with the Blockchain technologies of the future.

See this useless, meaningless graphic:


You can hold them. You can pretend that you're eating delicious chocolate. You can trade, or give them to other users on the BitShares DEX. You can use them for giveaways, contests; and prizes. You can make them be part of some demented Easter Egg chocolate hunt.

Realistically, I propose the following:

  1. If you want some no holds barred critique on your content, you can buy my attention by sending me or any ambassadors that choose to nominate themselves Defective Chocolate Spheres on the BitShares DEX with a link to the post in question. The exact amount will be determined post distribution.
  2. They can be traded, like candy; for things and stuff.


No. Look at this screenshot from Bitshares - I've created the asset already.


Recognized early adopters and Steemians of notable repute may receive a comment and early access to DEFECTIVE CHOCOLATE SPHERES via exclusive EARLY DISTRIBUTION in the comments. The number will come from my personal supply of DEFECTIVECS, and will total 1500.

If you want to let your BitShares do the talking, I've put 5000 DEFECTIVECS on the BitShares Dex at a rate of 1:1 BTS/DEFECTIVECS.


You can't have one, that's probably trademarked. In all seriousness, my first bounty goes to ARTISTS. Here's what you'll need to create.

Each artist that creates a DEFECTIVE CHOCOLATE SPHERE in an illustration format; on a transparent or WHITE background will receive a bounty of 5000 DEFECTIVE CHOCOLATE SPHERES, limited to the best ten entries, as judged by me.

This represents 50,000 DEFECTIVE Chocolate Spheres in prizes for artists. This will be awarded in a week.

To qualify:

  1. Design a Defective Chocolate Sphere on a transparent background.
  2. Make a post with the tag #dcsart as your tag.
  3. Tag me in the post.


Ask it below, in the comments.


As I an sitting here reading this eating chocolate my first thought was - how bizarre!

I think its a sign 20180309_203547.jpg

So I am going to play!

Bitshares account lovelivinglife1

Got you in the distribution list :)

Sounds interesting..

Upvote: Done
Resteem: Done

BitShares ID: sk-reza
How many defective chocos you planning to give each person?

Well I prefer something which is more than 1 BTS token in value :p

Got you on the list now - currently, I have three bitshares usernames, so thats 200,000 tokens each :P

More people will join I'm sure!

ok Thanks! You asked us to wait a week and maybe few more hours.. would appreciate if you would instead just give an exact date

I'll start the distribution after the post pays out. It might take a few hours to get through everyone. Hence the few hours.

It'll be a manual process. :)

Count me in BitShares account name o07life :)

Globe Gif.gif

Got you down on the list + bonus :)

I will do anything to have more chocolate in my life, so sign me up scotty! bitshares name: pssvbt

Got you in the distribution list :)

So as I grow I would like to eat this chocolate and use it for contests. :). Can I trade it on blocktrades, or binance or bittrex?
Great idea to share. Sounds fun.

You will be able to trade it on the BitShares DEX! !

Coinbase wanted my id. Nope. Does bitshares want me to scan my id?

Nope. Bitshares Does not require It functions much like steemit, and is completely decentralized!

It was actually coded by Dan Larimer, the guy behind Steem!
So far, all 600000 community chocolatespheres are yours!

Until other people start coming along, that is!

Not sure if I understood the post but chocolate somehow rings a bell.
My account name: saluton1

Can I also get some chocolate? I normally only resteem photorelated stuff so I don't really qualify for one of the points.
But maybe I can take some chocolatesphere photos instead?
bitshares name: gcstrt

Thanks to your insightful feedback on the time lapse post I made, an executive has been reached. You've been added to the distribution list.

Cool, thanks!

I have gave you a upvote and a follow, consider coming and doing the same back on my blog, trying to work my way up here a bit and make my votes count for more. also have a few articles to come later today full of gardening tips, aswell as ewaste recycling old computers, and cellphones etc to be more enviromentally friendly

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I upvoted you.

yes i have, to weed out who will reply and who wont before taking the time to give original feedback as i prefer quality conversations, and its a piss off when you give a big long original comment to someone and they end up ignoring you, view my page, you shall see that everyone who has viewed or commeted back to my original generic message gets a real conversation afterwards.

Thanks, I do see everything you say is true. A few points to consider.

  • Directly asking for upvotes and follows is frowned upon
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  • Personalizing your comments is way more effective
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I dont ask other to do it, i ask them to consider it :) but thanks

Yet another one telling you your comments look like spam. Just saying.

So now your stalking my comments, just to tell me the same things over and over. even tho ive made it clear i dont agree with you,, seems sorta like spam in itself dont it? for that matter it seems more like spam to me, atleast my generic messages had a purpose, and i didnt say the same thing, to the same people over and over. take the hint unless your gonna contribute something useful to me, go find a new project really before i mute you. should i stalk your posts and flag everything i dont like tommorow once i have 2700 sp,,, and continue doing it once im at 5k and 10 k sp.. or can you get a life and leave me alone, you stated your opinion, i stated i dont agree, that should be the end of it by any normal means, stalking people trying to make them feel bad, is a very big red flag about what kind of person you are, so seriously leave me alone already or its going to have negative consequences for you, you may laugh because right now i have like no sp, but lots of my followers do,, and i soon will too, so for the last time, i ask you to go away nicely. Ive been mining ethereum for 2 years, i invested in bitcoin when it was a dollar,, i only came to steem a week ago, and been testing the waters, within a month, my sp will make your 5K sp look like a drop in the bucket, im really not the person you wanna get into a grudge with or a flag war with, i will decimate your account if you keep it up, cause i can afford to buy my own steem power and fully intent to put upwards of 25 k cash into my account over the next while cause the return on it will be 10 fold over time, im doing this site as a investment, not just to toy around. im on the verge of losing my patience, heed the warning, leave me be. Like remember how you tried to warn me, someone with more sp may come along and flag me and thats how you go down, then keep in mind i have over 500 000$ worth of bitcoin. and that soon i will have over double the sp you do regardless of what my rating is, I might be little now, but i wont be for long, and if you flag and screw my rating on here before i up my sp, no big deal, ill buy a new account before loading my steem onto it. i only have like 10 posts to lose and their not worth that much, as i said, this was a trial run to find out if i like the site before sinking a crapload of cash into it. I may seem like a "noob" to you, but ive been following this site for awhile. woopidy do, you caught me being lazy and using a generic message when i was bored and lazy to get a few followers. and you think that gives you the right to stalk me and try to make my experience here less then pleasurable, news flash, ill still be here, i still wont care what you think, But if you keep going you will have made a enemy that once he has all his power, will use it to screw with you back and make you regret making them a enemy, so really please do not reply me, i dont wish to speak to you, and i will not warn you nor reply you again, you will just see the effects in a few days when your rating start dropping like a lead weight, end of discussion this can either be goodbye and we go our seperate ways, or you can continue and see that my patience wore out the hard way. goodbye

dude you call yourself veteran when you can't even tell that duplibot is not a person but just a program that runs on auto mode 😑

I find it adds nothing to the content, and I generally ignore such off topic comments; and in this context, my blog content has nothing to do with gardening; e-waste, or recycling old computers.

MM no but i did actually read your thing on bitshares, and figured you may wanna read something back, or may enjoy my articles on crypto mining from home with your home computer. my blog isnt JUST about gardening or ewaste. and weather it relates to your article or not, teaching people how to recycle proper is a great cause, their loaded with thigns like mercury, berillium oxide etc, things we should be recycling yet many just simply throw in a landfill and pollute our earth with. my approach to get followers might be semi flawed, but its with good cause and for a good reason. i did this site as a investment, but with a good messsage to spread as i do ewaste recycling for a living salvaging gold while keeping harmful waste out of landfills.

My bitshares name: sl-powell

i just entered on your most recent post or do i need to resteem this post too?

Just one of them will do!

I'd like to be in. My bitshares account is methus969. Thanks!

Hmm... I was in the business of reselling Cadbury Caramilk for a while, so this caught my attention... I may join up soon.

How did I miss this the first time around! I just saw the reminder post. I'm going to fill the qualifications tonight. I'm interested in being part, it looks like fun and helps me understand and figure out this crypto world a bit more.
Especially since I have a bitshares account and have no idea how to use it... lol.

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