Musings of a Pained Youth.

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Life like the wheels of a vehicle, goes on and on!. One would expect that there'd be a pause button, to stop and reflect, I often ask wonder, what you hold so dear now would it really matter eventually? For the most part, all this struggling ends in retirement or death.
Yeah, shit happens, should you be a contributing factor though? because ridiculously enough, somehow we all give our quota; however minor or major.

Life they say is a bitch, Life's a mess and all that but don't we all just fail to admit our own part in all of it because believe it or not... We're not entirely absolved of the whole thing.

And so I wandered into this place like an electrician without gloves,
Wondering whether the puzzles of my life, of this life would ever be solved.
The pointlessness of it all.
Man seem to see things in white and black rather than in shades of gray.
Quite unfortunately, life has a way of slapping us in the face with reality.
After the sting of awakening comes the blessing of dawn. We've all got to be up and moving.
Inaction is action in itself.
Action speaks in louder volumes than words ever could.

True nobility is being superior to one's former self. It isn't anything about being better at anything or than anyone else, it really is all about being a better version of ourselves. Never confuse activity with productivity. In the end, real people value frankness much more than flattery. I heard, impression without expression cause depression which in turn leads to ill-health and death. And I refuse to initiate that chain reaction. I refuse to give in to depression.
Bless up guys. ✌

Thanks for reading. ☺

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