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RE: Does the STEEM Blue Paper respond to a recent decision by the SEC to consider some Crypto-Currencies Securities?

in #deepthink4 years ago

We should self regulate; then the SEC could go away. If a bunch of people used STEEMIT to publish wall-street like reports on the ico's and crypto currency, and we got a small group to decide and publish a ranking; the industry could tell ordinary people only invest in highly rated investments (at your own risk of course). Steemit would be the perfect place to collaborate with a small group of experts to publish sound research and become the standard for analyzing the industry. In true decentralized fashion, every person, or group that want to rate could do so and they could compete. (like wall street analysts do today)


I like your idea, however I don't think the sec is going to let go that easily

No. But the SEC as a Government body has to deal with bad investors; if you can run an organization without causing problems you can run under the radar. (airBnb; and Uber did this; They solved all the normal bad problems (houses getting trashed, unhappy customers, cabs overcharging people or saftey related). The SEC is slow, we can be fast. If we can make the problem go away before they do anything; it is that much better for us...

yes! I like your line of thinking!