Former Congressman: "The Deep State Is Real..& They Don't Like Trump's Disruption"

in deepstate •  5 months ago

Is the deep state real?

According to the many conspiracy theorists out there, it certainly is. However, does this extend to clear-thinking people?

Certainly a former Congressman is not likely to be lumped into the "wacko conspiracy nut" category. Yet, here is one who wrote about the deep state in his new book.

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Of course, the op-ed is a great example of it. There are many career bureacrats that can't employ critical thinking or are just highly biased against Trump and would love to work against him any time the opportunity arises.

another who has backed up Trump's deep state claims is Kucinich, the eyes who see behind the lies and a true player for real.

POTUS is disrupting their hidden agenda.