Kristine Marcy founder of SES (Senior Executive Service) Turns Herself in to Brother Field McConnel

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The white hat intelligence community people are taking revenge on the shadow government/deep state and Trump is draining the swamp!

Have you ever heard of the SES (Senior Executive Service)? These are executive level (Obama described them twice as his "SES Cadre") civil service bureaucrats whose pay grade scale is ABOVE GS-15. The SES are the civil service equivalent of flag officers (starting at one star general or admiral for example).

This is truly stunning news, the very person who is alleged to have set up the SES (Senior Executive Service) system Kristine Marcy has "turned herself in" to her own brother Field McConnell.

See here for more background and how to search for information about the SES:


Do your own Q research via

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I have doubts about all claims made by americans4innovation about SES, but the issue most definitely is worth following, so thanks for posting this. The Senior Executive Service (SES) was established by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA; P.L. 95-454, 92 Stat. 1111). (Amended 1980 to include employees of the US Export/Import Bank) If anyone is interested in looking at the CSRA , here is a link Look for "Title IV: Senior Executive Service" [Main sponsor Sen. Ribicoff, Abraham A. [D-CT] and co-sponsors: Sen. Ribicoff, Abraham A. [D-CT] | Sen. Percy, Charles H. [R-IL] Sen. Javits, Jacob K. [R-NY] Sen. Eagleton, Thomas F. [D-MO] Sen. Jackson, Henry M. [D-WA] Sen. Nunn, Sam [D-GA] Sen. Glenn, John H., Jr. [D-OH] Sen. Chiles, Lawton [D-FL] Sen. Muskie, Edmund S. [D-ME] Sen. Clark, Dick [D-IA] Sen. Humphrey, Muriel [D-MN]


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I can't see one shred of evidence in the email she is supposed to have sent him. Looks like a lot of hype to me.


It's the first communication from his half-sister Field has gotten...I was puzzled too, unless there is some hidden content or meaning...