Five reasons why DeepOnion is a good investment

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Last month was a real roller coaster when it comes to a cryptocurrencies markets. In fact this whole year was very busy. Almost all of the more established coins gained in value compared to beginning of the year and some of them significantly. There is also a number of new coins in the market, some successful some not very much and some clearly made with intention to get as much money as possible from people and to be forgotten after a short period. It is getting more and more difficult to determine in this flood of new coins, ICOs, airdrops, giveaways etc, what is worth investing your time and money.
I was doing some research lately and there is one new coin that got my interest. This coin is called DeepOnion. For someone that don't know where this name came from it may sound funny and not serious but it makes sense if you know why it is called that way.
This coin is designed to be anonymous and to use TOR network for its transactions. TOR network is designed to prevent monitoring of users activity. TOR stands for The Onion Router where onion symbolizes its many layers of protection. You can learn more about this project in the link:
TOR Network Wikipedia

This coin is getting a lot of attention lately so I want to share five reasons why I think it is a good investment.

1. It is a coin that has more than one way it can be used

It is always a good thing that a coin has more functions other than only sending it to another wallet. One of the strongest assets that this coin can offer is anonymity of transactions. As mentioned before, transactions are processed over TOR network and that in combination with upcoming DeepSend feature will secure that all of your transactions are done completely anonymous. This is becoming more and more important as we see that all kinds of agencies and illegal factors are trying to control every aspect of our lives.
Another great feature is called DeepVault. Deepvault allows users to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain where they can never be changed. This way you can make sure that file that you are viewing or using is completely same as the one that is registered with DeepVault and that it is not changed or been tampered with in any way. This can be of great help when verifying legal documents, medical records, university diplomas or any kind of document or file that you must be certain that is completely the same as the original that has been registered with DeepVault. This is something that will be in high demand in the future and maybe even a legal obligation and whoever is early in this field can become a big player later on.

2. It has a strong team behind it

This is a young coin. It was shown to the world only five months ago but development behind it is amazing. Development team is always quick in making changes and adding new features and at the same time very carefull that all of the work is done very professionally and without mistakes. Every transition has been very smooth and thoroughly tested so it can be implemented without any setbacks. It has been a smooth ride so far and I believe this will be a case in the future too. This brings stability and investors can be sure that future development is in good hands and that is something that will have positive influence to the value of the coin.

3. Stability in volatile market periods

We have witnessed many changes and fluctuations in the market in the past month. Bitcoin value was tested when Bitcoin Cash attempted to take over and had a stellar growth when that did not happen. After that followed an expected correction where Bitcoin lost a lot of its value and then slowly got back near its all time high value.
And how has this affected DeepOnion you may ask? It held like a a champ. When most other altcoins were jumping up and down like crazy DeepOnion had a nice stable growth gaining in value compared to Bitcoin and USD. Of course day time traders and people that are willing to risk everything for short term gains like to see more up and down movement, but if you are a serious investor that chooses where to invest carefully this is a chart that you want to see:
DO chart.jpg
A nice and steady growth that shows that this coin is here to stay and that it only knows of one direction. UP

4. This is a young coin

You can ask how this is an advantage? But let me ask you: Do you think it would be better if you invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum or any of the successful coins when they just entered the market or now? Investing in the right coin early in its life is a best thing you can do. But the hard part of this is to recognize which coin will be successful.
I strongly believe that this coin will be very big in the next year or two. Demand for anonymous coins will only increase over time and this is one of the coins that will cover that much better than most of the others. My advice is buy while it is still cheap. It is valued at 1.70 USD at this moment. It was 0.50 USD twenty days a go, but don't expect it will ever go to that price again. Buy as much as you can afford and wait. Don't make the same mistake that people made when selling Ethereum for 7 USD earlier this year just because they were happy with 10 x profit. Look at the price now. I think that the same thing will happen with DeepOnion. It will slowly rise as it gains more attention and after that it will explode and you will be happy that you are not one of the early dumpers.

5. Community

What can I say about this. The community behind this coin is just incredible. Over 2000 pages in announcement thread at Bitcointalk forum in just five months is amazing.
Official forum is even more incredible. After 5 months of its being active it has 6000 members that made over 11000 threads with almost 200000 posts. Activity there is just crazy and everyone there is working as one to make DeepOnion a great success. All of hard work that community has done has resulted with a great accomplishment.
When you search for a term „anonymous cryptocurrency“ in google search DeepOnion is a top result. To get there after only five months is a truly great thing and one of many signs that this will be a great thing.

I have nothing more to add as a conclusion. I have said everything in the article above. I have stated the facts, it is up to you to decide if you agree with me. I am just hoping that you wont miss another opportunity to catch a very fast cryptocurrency train to a better future. Train is getting faster and faster every day and stations where it stops are very far apart. One of them has a sign that says DeepOnion on it and make sure that you are there for boarding. You will have only one chance.

Good luck and have a safe trip!

DeepOnion website
DeepOnion forum

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this privacy coin: DeepOnion. Sounds like a real winner in 2018 and beyond.

Great information and reasoning! DeepOnion charts are looking really strong, I think this project will have a very bright future ahead!

Yes, all of my predictions were right and I am very glad that I have invested in this project. This is the best part of may portfolio right now and I don't plan on selling any of it soon as I think that real growth is just ahead of us!

This article is written three months ago. Market situation is much different now but everything that is stated in this article is still true today.
DeepOnion is one of the most solid projects out there and the development is stronger then ever. This project is a great success and it will be even more in the future.

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2-month-old post. But still is very informative and useful. Thanks.

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