What will happen after the Airdrop.

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What will happen after the Airdrop.

I'm just gonna say that all the major features that give us real value about Privacy will be released till the last Airdrop, also a lot more will be coming up. I will make you a list.

DeepVault Website Service. DeepVault will be more easy to use and it will attract more investors and users from around the world that maybe doesn't use Cryptocurrencies but they will start to do it because they will need to use it. What is DeepVault? Its a Service to store a Digital Signature of any file, sounds good in a future where everything will be digital.

DeepSend. This Feature is under development and it will be released at the end of the Airdrop. What can give us DeepSend? DeepSend is a Mixing Service that will make your payments untraceable, Monero have a simillar Tech currently and we aim to make it better. A lot of people are just waiting for this to invest and they are saying it all the time, I don't blame them, some investors want just facts and we will give it.

DeepProtocol. Another Feature that we will implement in the next few weeks that will help you to create Stealth Addresses. What are Stealth Address? Its a way to create one Address and it will make harder to reach the real Address by a random user. Personally, I tested with our Developers and Moderators and works fine, we are just taking all the precautions to set the release date.

VoteCentral. Major Feature to unite the Community and coordinate our marketing/goals. You can see a lot of projects that fail because they don't have enough organization or community engagement and we want to make sure that we will have it. You can see right now that we actually achieved a great amount of people who wants to make this project successful and we want to reach even more people. Via VoteCentral, marketing and developments will be boosted because we will have a fund of 3m Onions to bring anything to the table. People will help the Community and will vote to create a a great platform, don't forget that this is a platform that will be managed for a whole Community.

Developers. We can are now open to receive and we will have more Developers in the future that will help us to integrate even more features in the future and make our code better, don't forget that our Development Fund can be used for this. Right now we have a strong core of Developers and I can guarantee that they are excellent. But anyway, we will receive any developer who has potential and passion for this Technology.

E Commerce. We already have some plugins as Woo Commerce and more will come soon (PrestaShop, etc). This will help to make our cryptocurrency become mainstream around the world, people will start to accept Onions in their business and projects because they will be easy to use and easy to integrate in their websites.

E Commerce Website Service. As I said, we will develop those plugins and we will create a Support dedicated Website that will help anyone that wants to accept Onions in their business.

Mobile Wallets. We are adding some last details to the Android Wallet to make it more suitable for our users. Right now, the Android Wallet works fine (I personally have it in my phone right now) and other Moderators are giving some feedback about it. I think we will release it soon and we aim to develop an iOS Wallet in the future.

You have a Wallet that have integrated the last Tor update and it can be updated with next Tor versions in the future. Also don't forget that you have bridges (obfs4 and meek) that helps people from countries like China or Turkey where Tor is banned to use and sync our Platform.

You are buying a Privacy Coin and you need to understand that Privacy Coins have a lot of potential to grow in the future. Why? You can check this article, I wrote it last week and you can see a lot of reasons about why they need to have a place in the future.

Why Privacy Coins Are Needed

And, you need to realize that at the end of the Airdrops, there is no more inflation. Why people like Cryptocurrencies? Because they can't be printed at any time as fiat and we are technically doing it (Aidrops distribution) and it will end. This is basic economics, when you have something that will start to be more harder to get, you will start to see prices going up. Why I'm sure of it? Please read again.

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I think this is a question that many people are asking and it is good that you meet it head on and explain your position/views on what will happen after the 40th AirDrop.

DeepProtocol should now be released since yesterday with the 1.6.0 wallet and I look forward to using it. Thanks for sharing!

DeepProtocol has already been released. As far i know DeepProtocol=Stealth Address which has been attached in V 1.6.0.

All good things are still ahead of us... and DeepOnion.

Such a great article! And very much needed, so many questions have been asked about what is going to happen after the airdrop. This sums it up nicely!

Exactly what I've thought. So many people keep asking same and same question. They should have in mind that life is only starting for DeepOnion after airdrops end. It's a new start. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am curious about DeepSend and DeepProtocol (Stealth Addresses). This could help DeepOnion to assert its position on the market. Recently they announced that they are already testing but as far as I know there is no actual release date.

On their roadmap it listed for Q2 2018

Really great article! So much to come for DeepOnion, I could not be more excited! Also a great list summarising all key features for anyone who is new to DeepOnion...yet!

That's basically all the important upcoming features at a glance. Very nice structured article.

Great article, it summarizes all that future investors need to know. Can't wait for the end of airdrops - the real fun can begin!

I totally agree. The party for DeepOnion will start after the end of the airdrops. Devs keep saying that; the best things are yet to come.

Well said sir, this coin will mature more after airdrop that is sure and the importance of privacy coins are truely neccesary not just for privacy coin enthusiast but in whole Cryptocurrency world 👍

Stealth addresses will be activated in two weeks, I can't wait for the rest of the features.

Good vision @vaas123 I think after the Airdrop, the price will rise. The project is hard developing and growing, this is obviously on my mind.

Wow a motivating article, Without a doubt, DeepOnion has a lot of future, for me the best project in the world, with all those incredible features to be released, the best thing at this moment is to take advantage of buying more Onions.

Great article. a lot of new features are coming and they will give a lot of value to this project. Congratulations to the dev team, are doing a great job.

Great to know about this important project! it is all about taking care of your financial and life privacy!!

The life of this project is just starting and I am very excited about the future!

Great info here. Once the airdrop ends, we'll just have to wait for the other features to be live.

Really good article about the key features of DeepOnion. People will soon realize that the airdrops were just the tip of the iceberg for DeepOnion. This coin has a solid base and will skyrocket after the airdrops.

Since start of 2018 DeepOnion really build up a good reputation of developments. First the newest TOR integration etc. and since yesterday we got the new wallet version 1.6.0 with Stealth Addresses and I am confident that the android wallet is coming soon too. When I joined DeepOnion last year I was skeptical if they could keep their promises for new features but they are coming and even features like Stealth Addresses, which were not planed before.

Just makes me laugh when people say that the end of the airdrops, equals the end of DeepOnion. Just look at this list! DeepOnion will rock after the airdrops!

I already know all the stuff that DeepOnion is going to release but thanks anyway for this content: people have to know about our future projects in order to invest.
Thank you for this content Vaas !

Good summarization of what to expect at the end of the airdrop. The community and developers team is great and I am sure we will come up with even more ambitious plans once VoteCentral is running !