DeepOnion 6 months!

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The hype... the good news keeps arriving us! We were recently announcing KuCoin Exchange and now, we already have another exchange including DeepOnion in their lists. Next.Exchange, another project with the decision to be a decentralized exchange invited us to be part of them. Thanks Next.Exchange!


We are close to 6 months in DeepOnion and everything seems to be excellent. Our prices are solid as always andseems that we are closer to a decisive moment. (The pump is coming!)


6 Months in DeepOnion, people who came and people who left. Months filled with good and bad news (like NovaExchange, do you remember it?). We still dealing with the same users who always criticize us, some of them follow our project daily! my god ... I really don't understand. Some of them continue using our currency, ridiculous right?


I'm very happy to be with DeepOnion all this time, DeepOnion has become part of my life and every day I wake up with the same routine. A coffee, my desk and DeepOnion have been part of my mornings for months.

I'm still grateful for this opportunity, the opportunity to be part of the Moderators Team, I remember the hours I put in to be part of it and ha! Now many more hours I'm dedicating to DeepOnion, my second home. I never felt so committed to a project / work like this, as I said before, totally grateful to those who trusted me to be part of it.

6 months of DeepOnion, and by the way, there are still many more.
Happy New Year to all and please, keep visiting us.


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DeepOnion is coming!

A very good beginning.