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So its been quite a while since I last made a post about what is one of my personally favoured cryptocurrencies - Deep Onion. As regular readers of Something Decent will already know, Deep Onion is an anonymous crypto currency which operates over the TOR network famed for its ability to anonymously access the infamous dark web.

However, the developers over at Deep Onion are working continuously to not only deliver on their initial roadmap and plans laid out, but to improve every aspect of the company. You may be forgiven for thinking that Deep Onion is simply an anonymous currency which can be used online, but it isn't.

With new technologies such as Deep Send, Deep Vault and Vote Central being tinkered with on a daily basis the developers for this crypto venture are really setting up to create something truly special. So far the company's community has been growing massively and has regularly been responsible for the absolute domination of numerous Twitter polls regarding cryptocurrencies.

While the majority of people who have heard about Deep Onion will focus on the airdrop aspect of the coin (they have been conducting a weekly airdrop which see's recipients receive roughly 4% of their Onions for free) they may not know of the extremely lucrative bounty programme which has been ongoing for some time.

The program, which is to be conducted entirely at the volition of the moderators and developers of the Deep Onion community, has been responsible for paying out an ever expanding group of people with valuable Onions for creating content which can be shared online.

For example, people making YouTube videos have been getting paid a great deal of Onions for alerting their subscription base of the work of the Deep Onion team. The bounties have been pretty free running from my experience and can see you be rewarded for all sorts from informative blog posts to tutorials.

The payment for Deep Onion bounties varies massively depending on a number of factors including your audience, type of bounty you're requesting, and the quality of your work. However, with people predicting (modestly) that Deep Onion will be worth $100 USD by the end of the year, even a 1 Onion bounty would be worthwhile for a video/article.

As far as I am aware there isn't a social bounty for sharing tweets or facebook posts but, as a member of the Deep Onion community, you should realistically be doing this anyway, in an attempt to help the community grow.

If you are someone with a social presence I'd advise you to visit the Deep Onion bounty section here to read more about what you could do to help the team.

If you decide that you can do something of benefit to the project then by all means get involved and help it grow into the blossoming flower it can be. Once you have posted your article/video/whatever you decide you will be able to go to the bounty request section and post a couple details about your submission.

Once you have done everything to the desired standard just sit back and wait for payment. Payment always happens on a Sunday and the bounty request threads are created new every week (currently week 31).

So there you have it, an extremely lucrative bounty programme which I advise everyone get involved with!

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