$535 Payday in DeepOnion FOR FREE

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The DeepOnion AirDrop on Bitcointalk has been FREAKING INCREDIBLE. It blows my mind why people are NOT doing this. I have made about $5k or so for doing nothing more than signing up, making some forum posts, and making a few tutorials in the past month with DeepOnion. I'm #hodling though, because I feel this coin will be VERY valuable in the future.

This airdrop is STILL AVAILABLE.

Lets break down how to register for the Airdrop:

  1. Must have a bitcointalk profile that's at least a Jr. Member and registered before July 12th 2017
  2. Must add your DeepOnion wallet address and signature to your bitcointalk profile
  3. Must make atleast 10 posts a week on bitcointalk that's over 50 characters in whatever threads
  4. Cannot dump more than 10% of your Airdrop earnings


Register for this seriously once in a lifetime opportunity here
View all details on DeepOnion and the airdrop here

How much can you earn?

Let's take this weeks Airdrop for example.

Today was a special airdrop where DeepOnion forum members that were active got DOUBLE REWARDS. I got 1321.19788608 ONION in this drop.

The current price of DeepOnion is 9500 satoshi

Math Time!!

1321.19788608 x .000095 = .12551379

.12551379 x 4265.93 (Current BTC Price) = $535.43

If I sold right now, I'd make $535.43 for not doing very much. And that's just one week. I would like to consider this, supplemental income ;)

Let's grow this community & make ONION a big name in crypto!!

follow, upvote & resteem!! New crypto content almost daily

Since I'm making you free ONIONs, send some to buy me a beer!

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Seriously. I was astonished when I saw each onion was worth $1.20. I thought it would be hard going on vacations but I managed to keep my postings. Just can't believe I got on this train!

We all love our Onions.. The pirce now is almost double :)
Nice payout though .. couple of more days and it's party in our Onion Wallet again :)

Yep, you pretty much hit it on the head. DeepOnion's airdrop is really good with a weekly return of 7-10% on Fridays and then another airdrop on Sunday which is DeepPoints airdrop. Personally, I get a lot more onions from DeepPoints, free money!

the community is generous


Seems like I missed out this week. Probably not enough posts. I'll try again next, hoping for some more DO!

edit: Ah, they haven't finished sending them yet. My B

edit 2: 9 posts only. I know I did more than 10, but one of them must have been short. Disappointing. But everything else in order for next one, looking forward!

It's an amazing opportunity! Keep on the ball!

What about these rules in airdrop?

"Junior members and above are eligible to apply, Newbies are not qualified."
"All accounts registered on bitcointalk.org after July 12, 2017 are not qualified."

So difficult to get in now... isn't it?

Yeah if you don't already have a bitcointalk membership then it wont work for you, however if you register on the DeepOnion forums there are giveaways and all types of stuff you can do. Including my monthly giveaway.

no more monthly giveaway? :P

I realy like the project, I'm holding and I woud love to see it get bigger and bigger in the future. But damn, I had no chanche to join the airdrop because of that 12th July date rule. In any case i bought my ONIONs and I'm holding.

We should help the project to get more visibility airdrop or not.

I think it was a smart effort. If the rule wasn't intact, how many double or triple accounts would there be.

yes I really agree..I wish I could join earlier! But I guess joining now is not too late..compared to other tokens which mostly turn worthless, the DeepOnion airdrop is THE best I have joined so far..also they changed the joining date to be Nov 1st now, welcoming new members..same boat as you, I am holding my onions and not touch a single one - waiting for it go to the moon next year!